Youngman’s Top 5 Vocal DNB Tracks Of All Time


If you’re a full-on DnB purist you might not be aware of the major movements Youngman’s been making. I mean, you’re probably aware of his history of collaborating with artists like Skream & Benga, NVOY and Wilkinson, but there’s a lot more to know. As well as being a top tier vocalist, MC and host for our bass-heavy scene, he’s also a highly respected songwriter across genres, chalking up, among many others, credits on Britney Spears’ album. So, given those levels of versatility, this release comes loaded with high expectation.

Youngman took some time out to talk to us about “Sorry” his latest release on Technique Recording and also let us know what his top 5 vocal dnb tracks are of all time.

How does it feel to have your first solo release on your Dad’s legendary label, Technique Recordings?
Good one. I’ve done quite a lot of features and collabs on Technique but never a straight up solo release so it’s kicks of a new chapter. I’ve got to say the label is doing epic things right now and it’s great to be a part of that.

Being a vocalist yourself, was it the classic garage vocal from Monsta Boy that attracted you to produce a dnb cover?
I grew up on UK Garage and Monsta Boy’s classic was always one of my favourites… I remember being in the studio playing around with some chords and I started singing parts of “Sorry” over it and everyone went mad so I was like lets go with it…

You already have radio support from the scenes heavyweights like Friction and Hype, what type of feedback have you been getting personally?
The feedback has been amazing. It feels like it’s connecting with a lot of people from all generations, some of which know the original and others are finding it for the first time. It’s nice getting texts from DJ friends and peers saying they love it.

What can we expect to see from you throughout 2017?
MUSIC!! 2017 is all about dropping new music for me… Kicking off of course with “Sorry”, I’ve also done a few big features including a track on Mr Joseph’s forthcoming album entitled “My Life”. We have a new mix of “Steal My Heart” produced by Drumsound & Bassline Smith dropping on Playaz and I’ve also done a tune with Macky G & DJ Phantasy which has been killing it. As far as touring is concerned I will be joining Wilkinson on his UK tour this February and continuing to tour the World performing all my new music.


1. Uncut – After Midnight
Live Liquid Drum & Bass at it’s best. Actually saw them perform this live at the Royal Albert Hall. Shout out Jenna G.

2. Adam F – Music In My Mind
Ah man. What can I say? Grew up on this one. Love the Rhodes soulful vibe again but then the Vocoder vocal and B line just gives it that futuristic space vibe. CLASSIC!!

3. Wilkinson – Afterglow
No description needed.

4. Shy FX – Shake Your body
That infectious riff in the intro. That vocal.. That B line when it drops. It’s rare a vocal dnb tune manages to mash up the dance but still translate as a great song. Salute.

5. DJ Marky & XRA featuring Stamina MC – LK
I remember the instrumental was being battered on the dance for a while before Stamina blessed the vocal… Takes me back to the Movement London days… Shout out Bryan G. This song was the soundtrack of a great era for Drum & Bass. Massive.



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