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XTM – Time EP – Future Funk Music


Just released on Future Funk Music, sister label of Mindtech Recordings, is the Time EP from London-based Jamaican producer XTM who also put out tunes on Renegade Hardware and Ammunition Recordings! This EP is comprised of four insanely detailed and complex neurofunk compositions, similar to what artists like Maztek or Billain produce.
Xavier’s arrangements are densely layered collages of heavily tweaked and mutated sounds, where bass and synth riffs merge seamlessly with the drum tracks to create intricate, yet infectious rhythms. Yet throughout all the hyper-kinetic chaos, there are melodies that manage to seep through the cracks and envelop the tunes in a deep techno-like atmosphere.
From the first track “Time” you are pulled into this cyberpunk musical construct and the more you listen, the more you feel like you running against time and malicious A.I.s in a Tron meets Blade Runner universe. The track has a great vibe, with an abundance of tightly edited bass sounds, techno stabs and arcade blips – which set aesthetic paradigm of the other track here – as well as an inspiring speech in the intro about the importance, and prevalence, of being in the present moment.

The 2nd track “Split Ends” has a bit of a more laid back vibe, closer to older material by Icicle or the overall vibe from Survival & Witness’ album “In From The Wild”. It is not as intense or as heavy as the preceding and following tracks, but its inclusion in this order exactly what we need to be able to fully appreciate the intricacies of each tune.

The weighty, cybernetic funk returns on “Alignment”, which is the techiest track the EP – with its over-the-top IDM-infused take on neurofunk and a really cool half-time variation in its second half. This track makes it easy to understand why he had prior releases on Renegade Hardware, home of Maztek’s similar-in-style debut album.

The madness ensues on final track “Format”, which is probably the heaviest number on the EP, with a simultaneously bouncy, crunchy, grainy and metallic bassline and an array of quirky 8-bit blips! This one is like the lovechild of InsideInfo and Optiv & BTK in its intricacy and pure dancefloor power respectively.

So if you like your tunes to be relentless and vigorous, yet complex and meticulously crafted, XTM’s Time EP is exactly what you’ve been looking for!

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Soundcloud: https://soundcloud.com/xtmaudio
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