Wraith Talks Apparition EP on Schedule One


Wraith releases his debut on Schedule One Recordings today with his Apparitions EP alongside guests Consouls, Avok, Enuf Talk and much more. This massive EP is beginning to slowly climb the charts over at Beatport and other sites around the world. We caught up with Wraith to talk to him about this project and see what else we can keep an eye out on from him. Here’s what he had to say…

When was the first time that you knew you were hooked on drum and bass?
Growing up in the ’90s, as an early youth, I had always been a huge fan of Drum & Bass, but I veered while growing up and found comfort in Hip-hop. It wasn’t until the morning of my first rave, Insomniac’s Nocturnal 2010 Festival, that I rediscovered Drum & Bass thanks to a road trip mix that Insomniac shared on their Facebook page, which turned out to be DJ Fury’s Reload2010 mix. My friend and I blasted the entire remix on repeat the whole way to the festival and back home. Ever since then, I live and breathe this stuff.

The Wraith - Charlie Sheen

How did you come up with your artist name? Where you a big fan of the 80’s sci-fi movie with Charlie Sheen?
HAHAHA no the Charlie Sheen movie, The Wraith, did not influence my name. I love that film, but it wasn’t until after I established my Wraith alias that I watched the film. My artist name, Wraith, stemmed from the fact that I was playing out a lot of underground desert raves. People would love my sets and introduce themselves, but I wouldn’t ever see them again. It was always a thrill, anonymously, coming fresh out the gate and surprising my audiences with a great time. Eventually, I put a name to the experience and Wraith was created. Now that you mention it, though, the Charlie Sheen movie does resonate with me hahaha.

You have your debut coming up with Schedule One with the Apparition EP that releases on Monday. Was it a difficult time for you coming out of the gates with a 4 track release?
Not at all. This EP is just a taste of so much more to come from myself and the Los Angeles drum & Bass crew that collaborated on it. Keep it locked.

You have some big Los Angeles names on this EP with you, like Consouls and Avok. How did you all come to working together on this?
Troy Consouls, Avok and I are all Icon Collective alumni. We’ve been good friends for awhile now. When Troy linked up with his good friend Shane Armijo to form Consouls, they contacted me right away to collaborate and The Cannon was born. Avok, on the other hand, is a crazy story. I met him in the crowd at the EDC 2014 basspod stage and a few months later I ran into him the day he enrolled at Icon. As his productions and style grew, I turned him onto Drum & Bass and we knocked out the first track off this EP in no time. Life is full of surprises.

Photo by Akaider

Who do you think is the most underrated drum and bass artist ever and why?
Hands down, 6blocc. The man is a king of samples and breaks that have been a staple of the industry for decades and his career has taken him across the entire globe, yet he’s still underrated.

What’s your favorite drum and bass release of all time? Why?
My favorite drum and bass release of all time has to go to Goldie for Timeless. I could listen to that record on repeat just as many times as any Pink Floyd record. The ways in which Timeless tells a unique story that continuously morphs through every style and realm of drum and bass is flawless. We don’t get a lot of records like that these days.

What do you have in the works as far as upcoming projects that we need to keep an eye out for?
This Friday I’ll be spinning the guest mix for the Best Drum & Bass Podcast so keep an eye out for that. As for releases, I’ll be making an appearance with Consouls on Patrol The Skies Music for their Dreamer Remix EP this summer, I’m also currently wrapping up something with MC Dino for my LP, Theatrix and I have a couple of collaborations that we’ve been stacking up for later this year as well as more collaborations with Avok and Tempyre. As you can tell, Los Angeles has kept us busy this year. On that note, a huge shoutout to my boys, Kronology for always repping LA.

Do you have any words of inspiration to aspiring drum and bass producers in the US and around the world?
I would give them the same advice I’ve been following for years: Do what you love and make sure to write music every day.

Enjoy a mini mix of the Apparition EP by the man Wraith himself!

Download Wraith – Apparition EP Mini Mix here!

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