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Winslow – Home Alone EP – Code Recordings

Code Recordings welcomes aboard one of their most recent additions to it’s roster with Winslow‘s ‘Home Alone’ EP. A unique and provocative producer with a spectrum of styles and no shortage of talent. ‘Home Alone’ is a great new addition to the Code Recordings catalog and puts Winslow on the map as an up and coming talent to watch.

Winslow hasn’t been around for long. But, he sure has been busy lately. And Code Recordings has an eye for talent. He delivers 4 finely crafted and very well produced tracks on his debut EP.

‘Ravey Jone’s Locker’ starts us out coming in with a simple hi-hat tic toc and a “I wanna know” sample at the buildup that starts the boogie right up with a staggered beat that builds elements piece by piece adding complexity as it moves. The drop gives us the rest of the sample “I wanna know what makes you dance and sweat”. And goes on to demonstrate. The breakdown gives us even more and convinces us that Winslow does in fact really want to know all of that….and he shows it. Great command of different vibes, timing, elements and styles that switch smoothly. It’s dense, but not too busy.

‘Home Alone’ gives us another sample intro but drops quicker with a snappy rhythm and that upright jazzy bass for a few measures. Again, Winslow likes to move different elements in and out of the mix and it keeps things dynamic and keeps you listening. Just when you think you know where he’s going, he turns left. But, you still get where you wanna go: groovetown. And this one does groove. It changes up a lot, but never looses the groove. Just keeps rollin’ and bouncing through.

‘Orange You Glad’ returns to some very clever word play on all the tracks here but the previous. Intro has a sample and I’m starting to think that Winslow has something to say to us. This one jumps right into groove mode and keeps on rolling. More straight forward than the other tracks on the album; but don’t confuse this for a generic nondescript roller. Cuz, in case you haven’t been paying attention, Winslow likes to keep you on your toes. Just when you start to get lost in the bounce he busts out a change to get you paying attention again. Adding in tempo changes, 70s style keyboard lines and expanding samples with a message. Yeah…you read that right…a message. “Keep striving and keep pushing”. Get it? Got it? Good.

‘Better Nate Than Lever’ (did I mention his clever word play?) comes in pretty quick and gets right to the business. Stabbing vocal samples accent the groove and then rolling synth lines and arp pads that build and build to a sudden stop and a jazzy lounge break down at the bridge. Jumps right back in the second half and here comes that upright bass again. Wait…was that from the last track. Whatever, the groove is back and I’m loving them vocal stabs with the samples.

Over all a very strong showing for a first EP. We’ll no doubt be hearing more from Winslow in the near future. I’m sure that Code Recordings is happy to have him onboard.





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