Vital Elements’ Top 5 Bangers in his Set


Vital Elements’ new EP in collaboration with Micky Finn is ‘So Good‘; it is a must-listen for all jungle and DnB heads out there. Guaranteed to make a lot of noise in the club land, the Serial Killa talks us though his Top 5 bangers in his set.

1. Congo Natty – Code Red (Serial Killaz Remix)

We first remixed this back in 2009 and last year we did a little update that hasn’t been released yet, before these, I was still playing the original mix. This tune is 20 years old and still to this day, kills the dance floor and has everyone singing along.
2. Walk & Skank – Serial Killaz Remix
Another track we have done two versions of now. The first back in 2010 and last month the Jungle Cakes boys asked us to remix their new version so we happily obliged and that should be out later this year. Again whenever this is dropped, the whole crowd love it and sing along.


3. Vital Elements & Micky Finn – So Good (Get it HERE)

Such a pleasure to collaborate with on of my Jungle heroes. Been getting a great reaction to this tune since the first time I dropped it. Great for opening a set and mixing in, a perfect DJ tool. The flip is getting played every set too, to a great reaction.


4. 1/4lb Bass – Serum Remix

Serum absolutely smashed this remix! In the last 6 months this is getting a big reaction every time I drop it. That lead bass is just too much. Serum is a badman.


5. Dimension – Whip Slap 

With all of these tunes, they are not the newest dub plate, but the ones that are tried and tested and always get a reaction. For me ‘Whip Slap’ was the biggest tune of 2015.