Today we have the pleasure of premiering a video from Soultrain & Phantom Warrior’s  jungle monster  tune “Heavy Like Tank”, taken from the Liondub & Marcus Visionary Present: Jungle To The World Volume 1 LP. available now from Liondub International on Juno Download

Soultrain & Phantom Warrior come correct with this diesel Jungle Drum & Bass banger featured prominently alongside a long list of legends on the brand new “Jungle To The World Volume 1” compilation on the Liondub International label. Out today  August 14th 2015, this compilation put together by Liondub & Marcus Visionary represents 10 years of solid work with a wide range of artists on a global level for the Liondub International label.

“From Brooklyn, to Toronto, to London, back to Kingston and out to the world – Liondub & Marcus Visionary drop a truly timeless body of work which is aptly entitled ‘Jungle to the World’ and features an all-star cast of legends and innovators alike. Ask anyone who has stayed true to the roots of Jungle Music and it’s continued development over the last 10 years, and they will all agree that these two tireless renowned work-raters have been putting out concrete product that reinforces the London Jungle sound, transcending territorial and racial barriers alike.

For Jungle To The World, these two legends have summoned a vast array of incredibly talented artists and producers from Reggae, Jungle and the Drum & Bass scenes, fusing musical elements that encompass classic Studio 1, 80’s Reggae-Dancehall, tinges of Soul and rare groove, as well as modern D&B sounds and classic Jungle breaks, reviving fond memories for the connoisseurs, but at the same time educating younger Junglists that are hungry for this improved expression of the culture and sound in 2015.

The Liondub label and all that it encompasses has proven to be a unique and truly international movement that has solidified its rank as a timeless brand on the Jungle Drum & Bass scene. The sounds, releases, collabs and international mergers represent a loyal contribution to, respect for, and unrivaled dedication to Jungle and the genres that inspired it to emerge out of London in the early 90’s. Forging exceptional relationships with artists and producers across continents and decades has led to the creation of something truly special, which commands recognition as an undeniable force that shines from within the music, ultimately signifying an absolute legacy in Jungle.

This album is quite simply a classic that everyone who professes to be a real Junglist must have in their collection.”

-Navigator, London, UK July 2015

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