Various – The Sound of Nuusic – Nuusic


The Manchester based label Nuusic has unleashed what has now become an annual release; collecting together an amazing roster that is a who’s who of Jungle and Drum & Bass. With cuts from the likes of Conrad Subs, Selecta J-Man, Sl8r, Veak and many many more. Remixes, VIPs and Original mixes. This collection is busting at the seams with talent.

The Nuusic review of this collection is pretty simple: “20 Heavyweight Tracks. 23 Hideously talented artists.”. I’d say that pretty much nails it. Tracks for days on this release and there’s not one dud onboard. Let’s have a closer listen of a few of them. The hills are alive with the sounds of Nuusic.

Conrad Subs – Codebreaker (Guzi Remix)

I’m not gonna lie, this one was hard for me to except and I’ll tell you why: I really freakin’ LOVE the original. I drop the fuck outta that track. I love Conrad Subs and this is one of my favorite tracks of his. So, it really took me a few listens to let go of the original and give the remix a chance. And the reason for this is that it’s just so different from the original. More of a total rework of the source material. And it’s really fantastically done. Unique but it keeps the spirit of the original. Coming from me on this track, that’s says a lot.

J-Wok – Vibrations

And speaking of dropping the fuck out of a track, I’m gonna be dropping the fuck outta this one for quite some time. Starts out with a simple hit hat intro, vocal sample that we all know and love in the Jungle world (you’ll know it when you hear it) and then just dives right in. Very clean yet crunchy snare and this alternating between deep base subs, stabs and just twisted tortured lines from hell. And it maintains this eerie late night in Lovecraft land vibe all the way through. Sirens passing by as it rotates through sonic assaults. This one is going straight into the crate and it’s gonna be in rotation for a while.

More Than Ruff – Selecta J-Man & Vinyl Junkie

A track that lives up to it’s name sake with a drop that has a bass line that you can feel in your feet even without a massive sound system. Loving the vibe on this one all the way. Great driving drum line, modulating bass that pitches up and down. With background synths and effects that really make a mood. The Bass line riffs have so much range on this that they almost feel like they are talking. Rhythmic and melodic at the same time. Just brilliant work all the way through. A track for both the dance floor and the headphones.

Ghetto Nuusic – Higher Hertz

With a name like that you would could be forgiven calling this the theme song of the collection. And you wouldn’t be wrong. It’s a mover and a stepper. Ghetto vibes all day in a good way. It’s got a DIY feel but a modern production quality at the same time. Old school Jungle was much more about vibe and feeling than over all production quality. This one has both. Even got a few scratches in the background. Got all the Jungle hooks. Another complex and melodic base line that talks if you’re listening. Really great effected quick rolling snares. Keeps mixing it up with cuts and fills so you never get bored. I’d roll through the hood with this blasting any day.

There is more, much more in this collection. Nuusic has really packed it in on this one. But I gotta stop showering praise on this collection at some point. In short you pretty much can’t miss with this collection.

You know what to do next now don’t you? Yup, smash that BUY link.