Various – Evolutions Vol. 3 – Blackout Music NL


BLACKOUT MUSIC NL present the third volume of their already acclaimed ‘EVOLUTIONS’ various artist series and its agenda to showcase the unique talents of the next generation of producers and their fresh and heavy ideas. Spanning from the hard-hitting halfstep stride of PROMIXA’s ‘Closely’, the driven and paranoid sci-fi assault of Russian neurofunk legend GYDRA’s ‘Inside Space’ to the flat-out carnage of new name MERIKAN’s note perfect Blackout destroyer – ‘End of the Line’… Evolutions Vol.3 is packed full of taught energy and immaculate technique. For the first time – Serbian duo THE SPLASHEADS team up with French neurofunk and hardcore producer THE CLAMPS to deliver an intensely bleak system offensive with the ironically named ‘Useless’, whilst COD3X completes the va with an epic orchestral roller that registers in the ultralow territories in ‘Sublimation’ – a tune that will inevitably be pounding raves for the Winter to come.

With Evolutions Vol.3 Blackout mutate a fresh batch of emerging producers, with results bordering on the obscene – designed for the pure purpose of dancefloor annhiliation.

Release date exclusive to Beatport 12/16/16

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