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Various Artists – South Yard & Friends Vol. 2 – South Yard

South Yard brings us another top notch selection of choice cuts from Spain. Yes you read that right. They do the jungle tings in Spain too. Just in case you missed the last one, you got another chance to venture into the jungle with this label. Pulling together a lineup of some of the most in demand producers in the game. If you don’t know some of the names on the roster, that’s ok….you will. Now yer just a step ahead of the game.

You pretty much can’t miss with this compilation. Every track slaps and South Yard has done a great job of curating this. To the point where frankly it’s hard to pick my favorites to review. Yeah it’s really that good. But you don’t have to take my word for it…..the link is right up there. Just hit play, you’ll find out.

Here’s a few of my favorites.

Speaker Louis & Vici – Groove Check

Love me some Speaker Louis. He collabs really well in general and with Vici in particular. Coming in mellow and punches it at the drop. A groove check indeed. It just bumps and bounces along, bass buzzing and Reese warbling. Halfway through the first section adds some great percussion that I just love. Putting extra layers and flava on it into the breakdown.

Conrad Subs – Too Cold

This guy has been all over recently. And he delivers a stomper on this one. Drum lines that just move and boom boom boom bass that is just simply nasty. Great dynamics in the fills with notes pitching and drum breaks. A breather at the breakdown….but just enough to collect yourself and you dive right back in. Great subtle sweeps and pads in the background. This stuff here really makes me miss dance floors. But, this will have to tide us over.

Fokus – The Takeover

This has that drive and the deep in the jungle feel that I love. That snare hi-hat combo just moves the feet like they have no choice and keeps pushing forward. Dialog with the bass line that buzzes and hums in just the right way. The synths pads and atmospherics are great additions to the texture. This is another track that just keeps rolling through the breakdown so smooth that you almost don’t notice it’s gone into the next section.

Badweed – Massive 2020

And if you really want to miss going to a party, this one will do it. This an underground Massive tune all day. Steps right into those all massive vibes at the go and just keeps pushing. Loving the vocal samples and the breakdown is a total left turn but never looses the groove. Back into it and starts cutting and chopping all over. Some great variations in the second half that really keeps you listening. And then, right back into that driving snare that carries it.

T-Kay – Soundboy VIP

This one really moves. If you liked the original, buckle up cuz yer gonna love the VIP. Snares cracking like an open hand slap and bass buzzin like a train comin at ya. Vocal samples let you know who you’re messin’ with. It drives, it grooves, it moves, it slaps, it cracks. It’s a bit foggy if you know what I mean. But, that’s just fine by me. It’s like that sometimes ya know?

There is more. Much more. Like I said before, you pretty much can’t miss with this one.



South Yard


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