Various Artists – Slither EP Vol. 1 – Boomslangs Recordings


From Boomslang Recordings comes a new EP Series, ‘Slither’. A collection of dark and heavy neuro, dnb, and dance floor tunes that will seduce disparate flavors of the drum and bass subgenres. These energetic tunes, delivered by Dropset, ESKR, Todd Buchler & Pish Posh, and Hyperbots will have you savoring for more…

New to the recording label scene, Boomslang Recordings has wasted no time in establishing themselves as a solid label with regular releases to keep an eye on. In less than a year they’ve put together an impressive lineup of producers and have steadily put out very high quality material. This compilation is a really good showcase of talent from across the spectrum of Drum & Bass styles.

Soul Breaker – Dropset

Looking to put their heavy foot forward they start out with a Dropset track to kick in the door. Atmospherics and drum intro gives way to stabbing synths that herald the coming neurofunk assault. To no surprise at the drop warbling staggering Reese and those heavy zombies beats and bass that call out “come get yer neuros kids“. A nasty graveyard stomper that won’t just make the dead dance but boogie. Complete with evil sounding “soul breaker” vocal sample. Very crunchy and nasty cycle of snares bass and synths here with no shortage of effects and textures. Plenty of drama for the whole family.

Data Storm – ESKR

Keeping with the dark and heavy theme, this one has a more complex drum pattern and plenty of wub wub. It’s got a gallup to the drums that really keeps things bouncing and it’s a track that works equally well in headphones as it does on the dance floor. There a lot of layers and action going on in the background that could easily slip by you if you weren’t paying attention. This track sorta builds up in these spinning spiraling around yer head in a way that makes you dizzy. Well…almost like a whirling storm of…yeah data. That’s exactly what it sounds like.

Rewind – Todd Buchler and Pish Posh

The intro nastiness here alone puts you on the edge of your seat. They don’t mess about here too much though. Just right into the drop and it starts rolling with the drums building up one layer after another. Sparse bass hits that sound like they punch a whole in the fabric of space with subs that make you forget what day it is. Grimey synths like 80 grit sandpaper and vibrations that I have no idea where they are coming from. Tight fills that sneak right in and subtle ride cymbals in the background. Lots of atmospherics in that moody sci-fi sorta way.

Take Me Away – Hyperdots

Coming in with a vocal lead that turns on you with a hard core robot synth line at the drop. This one is swinging for the fence hard and it’s something that could put a crowd over the edge at a festival on a big sounds system. For now, I’ll have to get by using my imagination on headphones. What I’m getting at here is that this track is some epic main stage dramatic anthem material all day long. It just keeps coming with intensity and right when you think the needle is pegged it hits you with some more and keeps on going. Like being in a hot rod with the peddle to the floor, your eyeballs to the windshield and your hair to the inside the roof of the car. Yup…it’s like that.


Boomslang Recordings