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Various Artists – Point of Origin:Vol 4 – Shogun Audio

Two years in the making, Shogun proudly presents the fourth instalment of the critically-acclaimed Point Of Origin series. Once more the A&R team has left no stone unturned in the quest to unearth some of the most exciting talent in the scene. From England to Russia, Canada to the Netherlands and beyond, were pleased to welcome twenty-one artists from across the globe to the label presenting fifteen tracks across a number of drum & bass styles. Featuring artists such as Drum&Bass Arena Best Newcomer Waeys, a collaboration between Joliffe with Shogun alumni Joe Ford, a cross-continental linkup from Bert H & Hiraeth and soulful beats from the likes of In:Most, Echo Brown & Athena. Theres something here for any drum & bass head in this celebration of newcomer talent.

So I’m a bit late to the party here since this one has been out for a minute. But, I just gotta give it some love cuz it’s just so damn good. And that’s pretty much it. That’s my review. It’s amaze balls so run don’t walk and get it now.

Just kidding. Well…not about the get it now part. Dead serious about that. Anyway, let’s have a closer listen to a few gems from this treasure chest.

Joe Ford & Joliffe – Circuits

Out of the gates we have the moody collaboration by Joe Ford & Joliffe. Drifting in log fog off the ocean, at the drop right away you’re just swimming in subs. The snare and hi-hat triplets in the background keep building as they add layer after layer as the intensity builds up to the breakdown. Given the theme of the album I’m just gonna keep going with the underwater thing here. Thats how this one feels at the breakdown. You get the idea.

Phaction & Leo Wood – Electric Wires

I mentioned the aquatic theme of the album didn’t I? This one has that nautical feel to it too. Drifting in, the snare and hi hat come in with the vocals and then those subs man. Rumbling off on the horizon like a thunder storm. Just groove all day at the drop and the effects on everything are just a touch. So smooth you’d almost miss it. And the vocals literally give me goose bumps every dam time. “Between the Devil and the deep blue sea” indeed.

Klippee – Hunter

The best things always start simple it seems. Just a simple tap me in lead for a few measures and then at the drop subs with the gravity of a black hole. So deep with the pitch bending up and down that it sounds like some lost whale language. In headphones you feel like you’re in a submarine. The melody in the background slowing creeping up on you building a tension that never peaks it just changes forms. Is that sonar that I’m hearing? Dolphins? Naw…I must be hearing things.

Gray – Bristol Jungle

This ones name has a lot to live up to. And it does. The effects in the intro give it some flava right away. The drop is twisted and filthy on the bass end but clean and sharp on the snare and hi hat side. Those effected vocals come back at ya before the break down. This whole album has so much mood and this is one of the moodiest. Stuttering bass lines, effected vocals echoing in and out. Warped pads and layer after layer of texture. Honestly not what I was expecting from the song title and I’m pleasantly surprised.

Mistrust – Runes

This one has more of a traditional jungle feel to the snare line and a rumbler sub to boot. The vocals in the background and effects fill the dark mood and add more layers. But the pads and synths swells really round out the sound to blend together both the heavy and the melodic feel of the track. A quick fill and it’s back into the dark side again. Loads of accents, fills, pads and effects in the background done in a very subtle and artful way. Very rich textures all the way through this track. As if Mistrust was seeking a mystery.

Over all a landmark album. Shogun has gathered together an incredible collection of talent to chart out the future of the genre. Finding both origins and new worlds to explore.



Shogun Audio


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