Various Artists – Patrol The Underground LP – Patrol The Skies Music.


    Big ups people!  Special ED here with the latest from Patrol The Skies Music, Patrol The Underground LP out now worldwide.  Fourteen wikked tracks from artists: Echtoo, Rends, Mixedmedia, Fineprint, Pish Posh, Will Miles and Stay Presh.  This is definitely one for the headz.

    Five tunes really stand out on this release:

    Rends – Stroll

    This is a tune that takes you back to classic V Recordings sound.   Liquid funk intro, then boom the big bouncy bass hits you square in the chest.  The “Get Up” and “Come On” vocal signals your body to one foot skank like there’s no tomorrow.  Stripped down, uncomplicated and clean, this tune is a dancefloor shaker.

    Fineprint – High Plains Drifter

    This track had me at the first beat drop and sample “Forget the games sonny, we have a job for ya” sealed the deal.  After the intro this tune is all business, a funky techy stomper that is a guaranteed ass shaker on the dancefloor.  What badass tune!

    Echtoo – Grey Duck

    This is a tune for the real headz.  It consumes you from the start with synth horns reminiscent of old Digital.  Big pads ramp up to get you ready for a rain of amens that tear you a new one.  Big dark rolling stormin’ bassline rounds out the tune perfectly.  Lighter crew!!!!

    Mixedmedia – Untitled Vibes

    Runnin’ right from the start you get a feeling that something big is going to happen.  Sinister intro and then “OOOOOOSSSSSHHHHHH” as XTC Nottingham would say, a full on assault of huge pounding bass rattles your chest.  The drum programming is on point and the congas cementing it all together.  This is a tune that I will be rinsing heavy in my sets!

    Will Miles – The Heavies

    Another massive tune from Will Miles.  “Why do you think the Heavies invaded earth?  I don’t know” hints of the bass bomb that is about to blow.  Boom!!!  Relentless, ominous and aggressive, reminding me of old Dylan tunes.  Un-controllable skankin’ is a side effect of this tune!

    This album is massive and a must have.

    It rates a 4.5 out of 5 BOHS!!!

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