Various Artists – Output The Remixes EP – Ramp Up! Records


Back to 97! Man like Suv dished out one of the Bristoliest tracks Full Cycle ever delivered. That track was ‘Output’. Fast forward 25 years and it still wallops to this day. Especially now with these killer new versions on his own label Ramp Up! Three in total, each one probing a different element of the original. Cabin Fever UK go in hard on that big rumble bass sensation and those big drum switch ups. Slix go in on the wobbles in a way that, if you had to guess, you’d say it was a Roni Size remix. Finally Ruko joins the party with a broader, more spacious twist. Using classic breakbeats and bringing all the focus on the original’s classic radar samples, it’s another excellent modernization of a truly timeless west country weapon.

A fascinating release that manages to look back into DnB history and forward into the future at the same time. Let’s tackle them each on their own and give them all some love.

Cabin Fever UK remix

Starting out like a computer having a system check with great sounding Star Trek computer bridge sound in the background (you’ll know it when you hear it) and some great garage sounding snare hi hat treated with effects you almost forget about the drop until it happens. Great bassline rumbling without being overwhelming or too intense and as a sci fi geek I’m really loving all the Star Trek “ish” computer sound effects in the background. At the breakdown it breaks down all right, but Cabin Fever UK adds some elements to the back half of the track. Which is really where the action is on this one. I love the retro elements on this remix.

Slix remix

Now to be clear, let’s give credit where it’s due, the sci fi Star Trek elements all over this EP are true to the original. Slix does a great job here of staying true to the original and adding in their own take and weaving in some tasty jump up elements. Not a squelcher though so it doesn’t wear thin. This version keeps a nice clean driving snare in there and plenty of wub wubs and wobbles to make sure ya feel it. There are some great tone shifts in the bassline and the fills talk back and forth with the main bassline. A great new take on a classic track.

Ruko remix

From the same starting point Ruko takes it a different direction all together. Listening on headphones during the intro the immediate impression is how clean and separated the tones of the drums are. At the drop a sample that sounds like a computer with someone’s finger stuck on a key and it kicks right in. Really well done breakbeat drum arrangements that should get the attention of anyone with an ear for programming them. And speaking of parts that talk to each other, these fills have that feeling of a computer having an argument with itself. But, you know…in a dancy bouncing kinda way. The breakup of the “radiation normal” sample, stuttered sequences and a great staggering drum fill all keep the theme going here from top to bottom and start to finish. Almost like he put some thought into it or something. With an abrupt ending as you’re in the groove that leaves you wanting more.

Three new, original and unique takes on the classic track ‘Output’ from the archives of the one and only Suv. Get it and get a history lesson and hear the future all at once. This EP drops today on Juno download and is available for pre-order on Beatport.



Cabin Fever UK



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