Various Artists – Monoleth LP – Methlab


MethLab present a release 2 years in the making, bringing together a set of truly pioneering producers to deliver an uncompromising and fresh breed of heavy, cinematic music aimed at an evolved dancefloor.

The first part of the MONOLETH series sees BILLAIN’s alter ego AETHEK deliver the deeply progressive sound of VERTEBRAE, transitioning from lurching halfstep into total granular destruction. MethLab co-founder BROKEN NOTE unleashes pure devastation with RUST IN PEACE, with its towering walls of dense distortion and inhuman sound design that develops into powerful, experimental drum & bass territories. Rapidly emerging producers AUDEKA & BELL’S WORTH set an eerie and elaborately desolate scene with DARKMATTER LUNCHBOX, before slicing through everything with an entirely devastating drop and an utterly mind-blowing and brutally syncopated evolution. HYBRIS goes into boss mode with his annihilatory halfstep track GUT RUMBLE, with intense sub-frequencies set to unsettle innards in the rave. Upcoming producers VOLATILE CYCLE & BARBARIX unfurl a dark and beguilingly slinky behemoth, bristling at the edges with sharp attitude. RAWTEKK & AUDEKA team up once again with SOLAR GRACE, illustrating a hulking brute of a piece, delicately wound with a fragile and purposeful sonic aesthetic, before building into an exquisitely cinematic and seductive outro.

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