Various Artists – Lovers Rock Volume One – Chopstick Dubplate


Just in time to chase away those Valentine’s Day blues OR the perfect Valentine’s Day gift for the junglist that has it all. What better way to say “I love you” than with a brand new single release for your better half? Who needs roses and candy when you have Chopstick Dubplate?

I’m Sure – Subcriminal & Jacky Murda Remix

There’s just something about the sound of a Chopstick Dubplate track that is really distinct the moment you hear it. There are definitely signature sounds to other labels no doubt. But, you can always tell that Chopstick Dubplate sound right away. And that’s the case for this track…until it isn’t. Cuz it rolls in with that classic Chopstick Dubplate sound: bouncy, gritty, ghetto vibes with that vocal accent that you just know is them and those heavy Reggae and Ragga influences. At the drop this one takes a hard left turn and really goes for it with those filthy squelcher bass notes pushing and pulling at the main drum line. It’s a surprise all right and seems just what Subcriminal and Jacky Murda were going for in the remix here.

Just when you think you know these guys right?

Girlz Dem Dadda – 2021 Remix

And speaking of that “classic Chopstick Dubplate sound” they’ve dusted off one of the older classics from this label and production team “Girlz Dem Dadda”. Originally released way back in 2013 on one of their earlier efforts ‘Murda We Charge For’. Breathing new life into a old hit with the vocal stylings of Mr. Williamz. It’s just downright romantic if you ask me and the updated sound is true to the heart of the Chopstick Dubplate syle. Giving it that timeless feel. But now with 96.7% more wub wub than before. I really love the bounce of the groove on this one and the lyrics just flow smooth. If you want some booty shakin’ this is for you.

And really….isn’t that what Valentine’s Day is all about?


Jacky Murda


Mr. Williamz

Cheshire Cat

Chopstick Dubplate