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Various Artists – Indivision – Mirakuru Remixed LP [Subsphere Records]

Based in Bournemouth, UK, arguably the home of drum & bass, Subsphere Records have worked with some of the best and brightest names in the industry since its creation in 2011, including Feint, Stan SB, Keeno, Whiney, Moleman, Veela, Phase , and more.
Following the massive success of Indivision’s ‘Mirakuru’ LP released in February, 23 artists from across the spectrum of drum & bass have come together to deliver an incredible collection of remixes, each one as stunning and unique as the last.

Alter Ego provides the first track, an energetic remix of ‘Elee’ that pumps the track full of new levels of adrenaline. Bristol duo High Ground work their magic on ‘Keystrokes’, infusing pure feel-good vibes and chirping melodies alongside Pipistrelle’s stunning vocals.
Rameses B , industry favourite who was featured on the sampler released earlier this year, adds his signature vibrancy to title-track ‘Mirakuru’, which also gets the remix treatment from RAM Records’ own Chords – rest assured that while these are remixes of the same original tune, the
end products could not be more different!
Echo Inada & Kasger deliver one of the album’s most memorable remixes with their take on ‘Libra’, a high-energy, electro-heavy version that is destined for the dancefloor. On the softer side of things is Monrroe’s take on ‘Keystrokes’, a glistening gem of liquid gold with the young
producer’s magic touch.
Haszan & Overload , who were also featured on the sampler, remix the vocal heavy ‘Remember my Name’ with incredible dexterity, delivering completely reimagined breakdowns alongside the original vocals. Tesla Coil also take on this track, adding a darker twist and representing the sounds of neurofunk on the album.
Wiljan takes things to a more somber place with his edit of ‘Gladio’, a heartfelt tune with an intense, emotive atmosphere that leaves a lasting impression. On the other side, Kasger also remix the track, again in a completely different direction with a bright, vivacious soundscape that
fills a room.
Drifta disassembles ‘Elee’ and offers a stripped down, glitched out, and incredibly bold remix with a trap twist that is as infectious as it is intrepid. Leeds based producer Aperio turns ‘Edgar Allan Poe’ into a gentle lullaby, adding a liquid charm that transports the listener to faraway worlds. Boxplot turns ‘Insomnia’ into an upbeat, glitch heavy track with a whole energy and brightness, while Northern Zones tackle ‘Pirates’,
giving it a classic rolling vibe.
Phloem takes on the soulful ‘Imprints on my Soul’, allowing the original vocals to shine over a soft, shimmering atmosphere with jazzy undertones. Elliot Berger , also featured on the sampler, transforms ‘Interceptor’ into a future bass masterpiece, whereas Fliwo re-energizes
‘Libra’ in a whole new way as well. ‘Pirates’ gets a second remix from Maxin , which offers a bold new range of sounds that build up
slowly before erupting in a revitalized new take on the track. Stunna offers a cinematic take on ‘Imprints on my Soul’ while HeadRead turn ‘Peaky Blinders’ into one seriously funky track with a whole lot of personality. Edlan turn the same track ‘Peaky Blinders’ into an elegant, jazzy piece that flows effortlessly from start to finish.
Meluran turn up the heat with their take on ‘Remember My Name’, introducing a whole new range of sounds right from the start that burst with energy as the original vocals weave in and out of this future bass reimagining.
Stanza bring the heat with their take on ‘Edgar Allan Poe’, adding a dark, neuro vibe to the track that is completely unlike anything else on the album.

This album is jam-packed with talent, incorporating names from across not only drum & bass, but the broader electronic music scene for a collection that is both diverse and multi-faceted. Each artist brings something completely unique to the table, making for a quintessential album for both fans of the original Indivision release as well as drum & bass fans in general.

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