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Various Artists – Future Stars Vol. 2 – Korsakov Music

Korsakov Music charts out the future of Drum and Bass and it’s deep, dark and dangerous. Just the way we all like it. With a non-stop roster of talent from around the planet. As the saying goes: it’s not hard to predict the future if you’re paying attention to what’s going on around you in the present. Korsakov Music is placing it’s bets on some solid talent.

Korsakov Music has been for years now cultivating it’s own unique sound and champions the heavy and dark side of Drum & Bass. With regulars on it’s label such as Droptek becoming rather well known. They clearly have an eye for developing talent, and this collection demonstrates this in no uncertain terms. Lots of future heavy hitters here and names that we’re all gonna know soon. Here are a few highlights.

Kaizen Flow – Wastelander

At the intro it’s tribal drums on the horizon. The intensity starts in with a dramatic build up and the drop is just mayhem. Staggered drum stabs work it as the blips and bleeps with machine gun paced sequences flying everywhere. Right about the time you get in the groove and roll with that it adds layer after layer and when your expecting a big buildup to a breakdown, they come in swinging with a heavy bass line that I’m fairly sure the military is looking to weaponize. Pro tip: listen to this one all the way through if you wanna hear a classic machine ripping itself apart ending. It doesn’t really “breakdown”. More like it “breaks apart”.

KZ – Pulse

Likely the most straight forward track on the album this one is fairly dance floor friendly…in that alien soundtrack sorta way. A solid straight ahead snare and nice growler of a base line. Subs that would be great to hear on a big sound system. The kind that make your feet vibrate for a day or so afterwords. But, don’t be fooled, the background has plenty of “random” sounds that I’m pretty sure is an AI having an argument with itself. This is a deep groove on one side with lots of entropy on the other. Smother it all in deep rich Reese synths for atmosphere and serve it up hot.

Thriller – D Force

A computer voice telling you that your mission is top secret in the intro. I think you can tell where this is going right? All out sci-fi madness, with invasions of “the brain palace”. I dunno about anyone else but they had me at the top secret bit. Like the sample says “listen closely” and they mean it. There is a lot going on here as one part of me is wondering “where is the bass drop?” and another is saying “who needs it with all this going on?”. I hear rumors that scientists have built an engine that runs on information. But I’m pretty sure that this producer beat them to it and didn’t tell them.

KarmasynK – Powerdose

Fast and quick are the two words that run through this track. From the intro, through the main body of the track and into the breakdown there is this really rapid fire cycle of drums, pads, sequences, synths and samples. And when you get an handle on it, it takes a step to the left. It’s not a bug, it’s a feature. If you’re looking for your standard song structure and something that sounds like everything else out there, I recommend that you look elsewhere. If you’re in search of something that just completely pitches everything standard right overboard and sounds unique in every way, from the style, to the instrumentation, to the song structure then I highly recommend this track.



Korsakov Music


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