Various Artists – Born On Road – Remixed


Born On Road has dug into their back catalog and given us a heavy hitter list of classics and newer releases remixed by some of the best producers in the game. Classic sounds with new takes. New sounds with classic takes. Old school selectas side by side with some of the hottest new blood. A history lesson and a crystal ball to the future all in one.

A compilation packed full of vibes and beats from classic original cuts and recent show stoppers off the Born On Road label remixed with VIPs. A stunning parade of bad ass creators and their music. If you had any doubt as to the scale and influence of this label in the last several years since it’s inception, you can now lay those doubts to rest.

Bad Boy Steppa (Gray Remix) – Rahmanee

Released in 2016 as one of Born On Road‘s earliest productions, the original had that “thing” that people remember. Serbian DnB legend Rahmanee helped set the bar early on for this label. Gray released his first proper EP with them and does a stellar job of reinvigorating this production. A brilliant idea having one of the bigger breakthrough producers from 2019 on this label put his touch on this classic track almost exactly a year later. It really sets the tone for the entire compilation.

Awake VIP – AC13

The original mix of this track was one of the more provocative releases of 2019 in this reporters opinion. AC13 basically came out of nowhere and just started landing one release after another. But, it was Born On Road that really put him on the map from where I sit with his first 5 track release. And this track in particular was the one that really got my attention. If you like the original mix, well buckle up. This is a whole new take and worthy to stand on it’s own.

Ninja Mi Ninja (T > I remix) – Selecta J Man

And as I’ve said above, Born On Road has made a few Jungle classics over the past few years. On that note, you may have heard of ‘Ninja Mi Ninja’. Heard of it? Selecta J Man‘s iconic classic here is given a new charge by one of the most in demand producers around: T>I. It’s doesn’t disappoint as it respects the feel of the original and breaths new life into it with the remix. This has vibes and flow for days.

Run and Lime VIP – DJ Gaw & Selecta J Man feat. A Little Sound

This is one of those tunes that makes me feel like I’m on a beach somewhere “with my rum and my lime” ya know? Really takes you there while this version keeps the roll in intro; but at the drop takes a hard left turn and goes in a new direction with a new feel. A whole different feel than the original, with that vibey warbling Reese pitching up and down. Never looses the groove. If I had a swimming pool, this would be on a loop playing next to the bar. Like…non-stop.

These are just a few of the gifts that Born On Road has given us in the past and now gives a glimpse of the future. An essential collection for the historian and futurist alike.


Born On Road