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Various Artists – Altered States – Flex


Big up your chests!!!

Special ED back on the review tip this time with the Altered States LP out Nov. 18th on Flex Records!!!

22 American made tunes from MixedMedia & iLL Omen, Space Journey, The Burner Brothers, Pish Posh, Liminal & Bengal, The Cenobites, D-Fly, Todd Buchler, Glitch, Hammerzz, Noize Komplaint, Markum, Knox and Quoin.

Five tunes really stood out to my ears.

MixedMedia & iLL-Omen – Carnivores
The intro to this tune takes you into the deep depths of an African safari, hyenas howl and lions roar. Boom!!! The congas kick in and the chase is on! Big phat bassline glides you to safety from the chase. This tune is rollin’!!!! My favourite tune on this album.

Todd Buchler – Bruiser
This tune starts out with a slow suspenseful build up hinting that you are in for a ride. Silence breaks then BOOM, a full on Drum & Bass assault. Elements of old Dylan are all over this tune. Relentless, hard and funky.

D-Fly – Maliwan
Straight up in your face pure neurofunk roller. The bassline is one badass mofo. I couldn’t stop moving to this tune. The half time breakdown gives you enough time to catch your breath before you get thrown back into it. 100% dancefloor killer.

Liminal & Hammerzz – Slimer
A straight forward neuro roller with some heady vibes. This tune sets a steppaz pace on the floor. Wicked grooves and deep bass. Enough said.

Liminal & Bengal – Frozen
This deep roller is reminiscent of Calibre tunes. The beautiful vocals and on point drum work set this tune up to take you deep in to the vibes.

This album is worth every penny. So many good tunes from amazing producers. This album gets 4 out of 5 BOHS!!

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To celebrate the release of this great LP, Flex and the DNBVault are hosting a record release party in New York City at club Slake, Saturday November 26th.

Check out the Facebook event invite here

As a special treat check out this mini mix by label boss L Double !