Various Artists – 100 – Schedule One Recordings


Schedule One Recordings proudly presents the release of their 100th official album. The aptly titled “100” is slated for a July 3rd release date with pre-orders available on June 19th.

“100” is a collection of raw, intense music of gigantic proportions, over a year in the making. Assembled by S1 bass-boss Fonkah and meticulously mixed and mastered by resident engineer DFly, the duo has summoned some of the most powerful beats in the Schedule One vault.

“The Reef” – HammerZz & Incandescent
“Bomb Track” – KS
“Hit Em” – Snafu
“No” (VIP) – Incandescent
“Illusion” – Sephiroth
“The Red Element” – Macrothyst
“Pangolin” – DFly
“Basics” – Macrothyst
“Don’t Remember” – 4mulate
“Detached” – Zenocide
“Bassface” – SB1

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Release date is July 3rd 2017

In the meantime check this awesome mix of the album by Puerto Rico’s own Forever Heaven

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