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Ever since the then mysterious Beatles Bootleg tore up Wembley Stadium, everybody knows the name Urbandawn. His anthem ‘Come Together’ dominated 2019 and went on to win the Drum & Bass Arena Award for ‘Best Track’. Now heralded within the drum & bass world for his razor-sharp sound design and distinctive calling card of top-shelf crunch throughout his releases, Urbandawn revisits a vocal powerhouse classic from his first album ‘Gothenburg Cluster’ on his latest single ‘Together Again (I Pray)’.

Boasting all the trademark trimmings you’d expect to find, ‘Together Again (I Pray)’ is a graceful yet powerful rework. Building on the emotive nature of the original, this 2020 edition is complete with smooth atmospherics and the original’s hair-raising vocal for a glorious melodic rush before roaring into heavyweight synthwork.

Originally trained in classical and Brazilian popular music playing guitar, bass and drums as well as graduating in Audio Engineering from IAV, Urbandawn’s varied influences and extensive training clearly contribute to his technically masterful productions.

Garnering respect far and wide throughout the drum & bass community for his first class ability in the studio, his infamous ‘Come Together’ rework has seen official features on BBC Radio 1 shows from MistaJam and High Contrast. Regularly championed by the likes of Andy C, Noisia, London Elektricity, Friction, DJ Marky and more, Urbandawn continues to take the world by storm.

See….it’s like this: success brings with it challenges. And one of the biggest challenges that comes with having a smash hit like Urbandawn did last year with the ‘Come Together’ remake (still on the top 100 charts a almost a year later by the way) is that you need to follow yourself. Not an easy task to put it mildly. So, how do you follow an epic remake of a classic rock song? By making an epic remake of one of your own classic songs of course.

The song comes in with a simple guitar chord, clean rolling snares chasing Amens all day; then sweeps up with the synths and lands perfect for intro vocals that have a hallelujah church choir vibe building up as the name sake suggests. Soulful lyrics carry over through an epic bass drop that elevates as the drums roll and the energy keeps climbing. Stuttered fills and backing vocals at the break; and the bass line keeps it moving til the second chorus hits you with another lung full of choir style singing that moves you into the breakdown. The vocals are front and center all the way here and not a garnish or a layer added as an afterthought. The overall effect is definitely religious. I’m not a church goer myself, but this is close enough for me. An epic second round that, believe it or not, keeps the energy climbing even more in a way that only vocals that pour it all out can do. I think I might have some dust in my eyes. And then….you break through and glide down to the end softly. Angelic is the right word here. But, an angel whose halo is a bit scuffed up.





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