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Upgrade Interview

UK’s badboy, Upgrade, joins us to discuss his newest EP release on the Serial Killaz imprint that is getting major play from renown DJ’s like Andy C.

The name Upgrade has been gaining traction in the Jungle world, but you’re no stranger to music production with your various releases in dubstep. What geared you to put this project together?
I’d have always made drum and bass since I started producing, I’d had some ideas of how I wanted the EP to sound and with some good advice from Tobie and Graham (Serial Killaz) They had helped me compile the 8 tracks we were looking for. I’d sent them quite a few ideas over and from that the EP was born!

This EP release is your biggest project to date. How long did this take for you to finish up?
Quite a while actually, I’d gone back to the tracks what felt like a million times to change the mix downs and achieve the sound I wanted. I’d sent Tobie more back in July and nuclear weapon goes back to as far as February. It took a lot of perseverance but eventually I’d got there.

You’ve been getting a lot of play support from some pretty big names in the business. What is the feeling like to know such a massive project is being well received?
Absolutely overwhelming, People who I’ve looked up to since I started listening to D&B have been playing and hearing my music and I think that’s the best part for me.

Can you describe your process for putting together an 8 track EP? How many different tunes did you have to decide from that didn’t make the cut?
Well the initial idea was to put as much variation in as possible. ‘Run It Back’ was one of the last added and I tried to keep on the jungle tip as much as possible. Where as ‘More’ has a compleatly different vibe. I wasn’t making tracks for the EP originally I was experimenting with different methods of production, so everything I’d send to tobie was a fresh perspective. When the idea for the EP was put forward I knew witch tracks I wanted featured.

Do you have any other projects come up that we should keep an eye out on?
I have a few more releases to come on some other labels and of course on Serial Killaz! I’m in the process of finishing a collaboration with Nu Elementz for Majistrates label ‘Sweet Tooth’ and I’ve also got a couple of tunes on the go with a mate of mine from Norwich T>I who’s a wicked producer. I’m excited to get it all finished!

Grab your exclusive free tune download, Upgrade – So Rotten (Serial Killaz Recordings).

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Mike Ragga
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