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Upgrade – First Request EP – Serial Killaz

Base starts off with a filtered bassline riff, a glitchy and filtered amen break and a vocal sample that repeats “base” as it moves in. The intro is short lived and before you know it the filters open completely, and the full sonic ability of the tune is presented to the listener. With an extremely funky bassline, a clean break and mastering that gels it all together perfectly you get a complete banger here. This one is going to be insanely fun to drop on crowds as it has a real heavy head nod appeal to it. On the breakdown you get a small snippet of some 80’s style synths but it is quickly back to the recipe from the intro. The 2nd drop carries on with as much intensity as the tune started with and the floor should be moving once again.

Function opens with a soundscape straight out of a horror film. A distant high passed break works its way into your eardrums while a few clash samples tingle about. Before you know it a well-placed reggae sample “I’ll kill you already” appears and quickly after the beat drops with the force of a hammer. A huge bassline absolutely takes over the soundscape as tingling drums play on top of it. Scattered edits and glitches keep this one interesting as it moves along but the real star here is the bassline. This bassline moves with fury and even though it is a simple melody the tone of the bass sounds angry and gangster as it stomps through the tune.

First Request takes us down a lush path of synthesizers stabbing as a very light break holds the timing in place. The beauty of this path is quickly disrupted, and the beat starts up. The stab pattern on the bassline creates a lot of space for each hit to grab your attention. The light and airy drums are crisp enough to keep your head nodding as you get caught up in the bassline pattern. Quick throwbacks to the synths in the intro tingle throughout the tune and make for interesting changes as the tune develops. The breakdown and 2nd drop mirror the intro and as a listener you are ready for it. This tune was designed to be engulfed in the mix and I cannot wait to hear what DJs are going to drop this on top of!

Gangbeasts has a short intro with a simple break surrounded by industrial atmospherics. The tune quickly starts up and hits you with an amazingly friendly and bouncy bassline. The way the bassline plays throughout the scale on the timing changes reminds me of early dope dragon releases. A clean and crisp break stays high in the frequency range to give room to the full sonic spectrum of the bassline. What results is a clean dancefloor tune that would be fun to mix in to pretty much anything but can also carry its own weight when not being mixed. This bassline will grab your attention, make you smile and hopefully move your feet.

Words by Bad Martian







Serial Killaz




Serial Killaz

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