Undersound Interview


Wales producer, Undersound has been on a mission to produce high quality tunes since breaking onto the drum and bass scene. His forthcoming EP on Violation Music is a testament to the dedication and hard work this artist has put in over the years. We caught with Undersound recently to discuss this project as well as his many others on Vibration and Luvdisaster, his DAW of choice and just exactly how does he turn out so many top notch tracks in such a short period of time.

How long have you been producing drum and bass and how did you get into doing it?
Coming on 10 years. I got into producing after meeting a mate’s brother-in-law who was a d&b producer and wanted some guitar and piano tracks recorded. It turned out to be High Contrast. We went on to become friends and I found our studio sessions really inspiring to start producing d&b myself. I have been writing music and recording in some way since I was around 10 years old though.

How did you come up with your artist name?
I can’t really remember but I know I had two strong contenders and obviously felt ‘UnderSound’ was the better. I wish I could remember the other one.

You’ve been very busy since busting into the drum and bass scene around 2009. How many releases do you have out currently?
This will be my 40th release (over 100 tracks).

You have a new EP coming out on War Machines’ Violation Music. Can you tell us more about this?
It’s called 17 Pantomimes. The title is a quote from the film ‘True Romance’, it comes from a scene when Christopher Walken is explaining to Dennis Hopper that human signs of lying are called pantomimes, women have 19 and men have 17. I wanted to use it as a sample but it’s a pretty big film so went with it for a title.

How did you and War Machine link up?
He messaged me on sound cloud a couple of years back for some tracks for his label, we got chatting and became friend. Eventually I put a track out called ‘The Old Words’ with him back in November which was great, so when he asked to put this e.p. out on his label I was super happy.

You both have the same first name, Gareth. Is that a very common name over in the UK? Is that like being named Michael here in the States?
Yea, I know a few Gareth’s to say the least…

What is your DAW of choice and what does your studio set up consist of?
Cubase 5.5 at the moment, I will be upgrading to 7 soon. As for studio gear, here goes: I use a pc with the usual suspects for plug-ins, Mackie Onyx mixer / interface, Yamaha HS80 monitors, i use a Korg Trinity, I am currently playing around with a mates studio Logic sledge synth, i have various mics for live recording, an old red 5 audio condenser with an art valve preamp, a sure sm57 for brass, and an sm58 for good measure. a focusrite liquid mix, an akai mpd 26, Roland v drums, a shed load of instruments; including french horn, trumpet, various guitars, bass guitar, upright piano, violin, flute, mandolin, plus too many bits of percussion to mention. I think that’s roughly it.

What other projects do you have coming out in the next months?
I am working on a deep liquid e.p. for Vibration Records over here in the UK. I have just finished writing an album of horror film music for a TV and film licensing company here in the UK called Diverse Music Solutions.

Any other projects you have going on that you’re excited about?
I’ve got a couple of projects on the go that I’m keeping under my hat for now! Sorry!

Are there any final words you’d like to say to the readers and fans out there?
Hope everyone enjoys this new e.p. as much as i enjoyed producing it!

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