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Ulterior Motive

Ulterior Motive hit the public eye in 2009 with their work on the Subtitles imprint which quickly landed them a spot on the rosters of many major labels. Now, six years later, the duo out of England has been seen on RAM, Hospital, Shogun and even just released a sample package for the producers of the world. We met up with the pair to discuss their latest single on Metalheadz and find out if we’ll ever see another Subtitles release from them.

How long have the two of you been working together?
We’ve been working together since around 2001 – 2002. We met through a mutual friendship and started working on tunes together. We started the UM project around 2007.

You guys kind of broke into the scene around 2009. What was your first release?
Our first release was ‘Infrasonic’ / ‘Holding on to Never’ on Subtitles. It was a really good break for us to have a debut release on a label like that. Teebee was a huge force in breaking us. Our time with Subtitles was critical in our early development.

You have a new single about to come out on Metalheadz, ‘You’re Next’ / ‘Music City’. Can you tell us a bit more about that?
This is our first solo 12′ since the album. We wanted to do a contrasting 12″ in terms of style. ‘You’re Next’ is a dubbed out tech tune with an off swing beat while ‘Music City’ is all out funk. We really enjoy writing the musical tracks and working with other people so having the opportunity to work with the Baker Brothers on ‘Music City’ Was great.

You got dropped your debut with Metalheadz in 2010. How did you get linked up with them?
The link came round when we remixed Obsession for Future Cut. We had already had a feature on an EP with All That We Are and things just moved on from there.

You recently released a new sample pack with Prime Loops. Is this the first time you’ve done a sample pack? Will there be any more in the future?
This is our first sample pack, Primeloops approached us last year but we were writing the album and couldn’t commit to it. The process was fun and the response has been good from amateur producers to professionals, which has been awesome. We may do more, time permitting, and if people want more.

We’ve seen you on Hospital, Shogun, Ram and a few other big labels this year. Do you have any other tunes planned for us?
Right now we are camped out in the studio working on new stuff and thats all we can say…

Will there be another Subtitles release in your future?
Maybe, its hard to say. If they have a project we can be involved in we will, its a real family affair with them.

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