Tyke – They Must Come EP & his favorite Playaz Releases of all time!


Tyke’s been raking up the EP’s since signing exclusively to Playaz back in 2013 and number 6 doesn’t disappoint. They Must Come is raw underground Drum & Bass at its finest.

Kicking of the EP is self-titled They Must Come, a sinister intro with haunting vocals make way for the low-end monstrous attack. A grimy roller that’s keen to test any sound system.
Cosmos takes us round the multi-universe and back with destructive power, filthy bass and devastating elements that no planet can escape.
If you’re looking for pure rawness then Galvanised is the one, futuristic synths run wild over natty subs ready to wreak havoc in any rave.
Wrapping up the EP we have Planet Merk, a rakkus affair with tongue in cheek vocals. This one is non-forgiving and ever relentless, play with caution.

Buy the EP here: smarturl.it/theymustcome

We also took a few minutes of Tyke’s time to ask what his TOP TEN Playaz releases of all time were, check out his selections below!  Is everyone ready to go down memory lane? we are!

1. Pascal – P Funk Era
Just close your eyes and listen, the music will do the rest. Goosebumps business

2. DJ Hazard & Distorted Minds – Mr Happy
Well any DJ who plays this out still to this day knows what a
reaction you will get. One of very few tracks that will live at the
top of the game forever.

3. DJ Hype – Tiger Style
Riddim of its own, great sampling, great vibe.

4. DJ Hazard – Cowards Beware
Well, i could easily have made this top 10 full of Hazard tunes, this for me epitomises what H is all about, he always seems to come out of nowhere and leave most of his competition baffled!

5. DJ Hype & Zinc – Disappear
Vibe tune, what a roller. Some western business!

6. Pascal – Hold It Now
I was obsessed with this tune when i was young, the simplicity and skippy beats used to get me hyped!

7. DJ Hype – Closer to God
Just love this tune for me it was the perfect roller when it came out.

8. Taxman – Unreal
Personal favourite, sick beats, sick bass and some experimental sampling! Nuts

9. Original Sin – Cheater Cheater
Pretty sure everyone started making tunes that went Womp on the first note after this! Banger none the less it was between this and Decibel.

10. Dj Zinc – Casino Royale 
What a track, shouldn’t really be tenth in this list but same way, I have great memories of this track always used to bring the good vibes.

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