Twisted Individual – The Remix EP vol. 4 – Grid Recordings UK


Grid Recordings UK delivers us a nice and tight EP of remixes from Twisted Individual. Pulling in talent from all corners of the DnB world. With names like Nick the Lot, PA, Isaac Maya, and Gravit-e & Lovell. If you haven’t heard of some of these names that’s OK…cuz you will. They have trimmed the fat here and this one is lean and mean. No fillers. All killers.

A punchy little EP of remixes from some very talented producers who all had really good material to work with from Twisted Individual. Who has a rather happy home at Grid Recordings UK and it’s easy to see why. It’s not often that you find an album or an EP where you wanna grab all of them. This is one of them.

Rusty Sheriff (Nick the Lot remix)

This one (sorta) rolls in easy. But at the drop all that “easy” stuff is over. Warbles for days here. Good foot driving beat for the dancers while all the chaos, warps and warbles (I just like that word ok?) twist and turn doing yer head in. The main melody is almost chill….until it isn’t. That frequency that is right on the edge of “what in the hell?”. But you keep listening anyway to see what happens next. Sorta like a a giant robot fight in a really nice mansion. You stick around to see who wins. But, you secretly wanna watch them wreck the joint. I love it.

I am Leg End (PA remix)

This title is pretty humble and down to earth. Just kidding, it comes in bragging with the sample in the intro and backs it up at the drop. Punctuated with warps and stabs all the way. With another good driving beat, it’s a great conversation between the synths and the samples. Kinda an argument, but a productive one anyway. I mean…the outcome is this pretty awesome track. This one makes ya reconsider the virtues of arrogance. It’s not fucking around. Grimey and nasty all the way into the breakdown. And there’s more where that came from bud.

Bagoshite (Isaac Maya remix)

I just love these titles…..attitude man. It’s got some swagger ya know? Intro gives us a short drift in to a rolling build up and at the drop the hammer comes down. After a few bars those crunchy, distorted, I’m just gonna call them guitars…even though there not really….gives it that punk rock garage band feel. Right up in your face and dis you. Grungy, gritty and I wanna rock out on air guitar to this one. My personal favorite on the EP. And have I mentioned how much I love these titles?

Camel Bite (Gravit-E & Lovell remix)

This one drifts in with some atmospheric synths and these great African sounding complex staggering rhythms. Definitely a non-western music feel to this one. At the drop it goes deep dark and dangerous. Moody AF and just plain evil sounding. Like…this is the soundtrack for when they open up the inter-dimensional portal. You know the scene right? Portal opens up and the demon, space monster, Cthulhu or whatever comes through and kills the guy that opens the portal. Yeah, that scene. Oh, and by the way, the guy that opens the portal always gets killed. That’s like….I dunno, basic first year villain stuff.


Twisted Individual

Grid Recordings UK