Capping off his most successful year to date with monster hits like “Seeds” and “Empires” leading the way, the New Zealand based bad boy known as TREi kicked off 2015 with the massive announcement that he’d been signed exclusively to Viper Recordings. Having earned his stripes on imprints as varied as Technique, Commercial Suicide, Shogun, Samurai, Uprising, SOM Music, and of course Viper, TREi touches down with the DNB Vault crew for a look back before gearing up for what is sure to be an even heavier future still to come.

    Let’s flashback to the tail end of the year when the Empires EP was released on Technique. Friction gave you so much love on this one with each tune off the EP being premiered or selected as a “Friction Fire” tune.
    I was absolutely blown away with the support for the Empires EP; and to land a ‘Friction Fire’ was a big deal for me as well, especially with it being a harder kind of sound than I’m probably known for. I’d been whittling away in the batcave on these tunes for a few months and they just seemed to fit really well as a package so the EP came from that.

    Technique have obviously been huge supporters this past year as well. Aside from the EP, you were a featured guests on their 15 Years of Technique compilation and released a full-on podcast. How did you first link up with the Technique crew, how has your relationship developed over the years?
    I’ve been into Technique Recordings for most of those 15 years to be honest, so when I had the opportunity to do something for them it was hugely exciting. It all came about through the legendary Digital last year actually, he was doing an EP for Technique and they wanted a remix and my name was mentioned and it all went from there really. I did two different remixes of “Midnight Moves” which seemed to go down really well and Bassline Smith approached me about doing some more stuff with them which ended up becoming the Empires EP, and then of course “Here & Now” as part of the 15 Year compilation. It’s still one of the greatest labels in the business and a real pleasure to work with.

    Another huge milestone of last year was “Seeds” making the Top 25 tunes of 2014 on the Beatport charts. As this one was released on Viper, talk a bit about your ongoing relationship with the label and Futurebound in particular.
    I first met Futurebound in France back in 2010 I think it was; we played a show together in Grenoble. I’d been sending tunes to him for a little while before that but after we met properly the releases started to come after that. First up was “Mumbo Jumbo / The Light” then a few more tunes as part of compilations like Summer Slammers 2013 and 2014 and The Headroom EP which had “Seeds” on it. This was my first Beatport number one so it was a big tune for me. Then to see it was one of the top 25 for 2014 was just epic!

    At what point did things turn to talk of being signed exclusively?
    Futurebound was on tour in New Zealand around July 2014 and we’d spoken about the idea of doing more stuff with Viper throughout the year but this time we got to have a good sit down with a few tasty beverages and he asked me how I’d feel about going exclusive; there wasn’t a lot of thought needed for my answer!

    Viper is one of my ALL TIME favorite labels and all the guys are just great and in it for the music. I’m still buzzing about it to be honest!

    Now that you’ve been given your secret Viper tattoo in an extra-secret place – what happens next? Can we be expecting an album from you anytime soon?
    Next up for me is my next EP on Viper and then I’ll be working towards an album. I’ve just moved into a new studio so I’m really excited to get stuck into some new music. I’ve got another European tour for April, as well as my first North American tour in September, so its full steam ahead in 2015.