Trei feat. Tiki Taane & Dub FX – Space & Time/My Eyes – Rampage Recordings


TREi has been one of the strong holders of the New Zealand Drum & Bass scene. Alongside The Upbeats and Concord Dawn he is one of the OG’s of what has become one of the biggest countries for the music globally. Especially now, when New Zealand has managed to overcome the pandemic and is putting on club shows and even festivals, while the rest of us are impatiently waiting to go back to raving, the place is the hotbed for all kinds of noisy pleasantries.

TREi has gathered an absolute a-team for this release, with prominent local legend Tiki and Australian beatbox hero Dub FX on vocals for ‘Space & Time’, and one of the strongest new acts, Flowidus, on ‘My Eyes’.

TREi has always repped the heavier side of DnB and does it well. His knack for that big sound always brings us that main stage heavyweight vibe that only Drum & Bass can deliver. Joining forces with Tiki Taane and street busker turned festival headliner Dub FX, sweeps us away with another anthem that just screams “drop me as your opening track”. Pro tip: listen to those screams and you’ll be served well.

‘Space and Time’ is exactly that: epic anthem festival opener material. From the word ‘go’ with those synth lines to the intro vocals it just takes you there. I’m thinking, “yeah this would sound freakin’ amaze balls on a massive sound system.”. That drop with a drum line and bass sound that you immediately recognize as TREi if you know him. The vocal handoff is so smooth that you almost don’t notice it. Going from atmospheric chorus sounding vocals to on street corner spittin’ bars and back. Into the breakdown that returns to those raving synths that would really go nicely with a massive crowd and a crazy light show. But, ’til that comes back….this is just gonna have to do. It’ll tide me over.

‘My Eyes’ recruits the talents of up and coming Flowidus changing up the vibe a bit. I’m not saying that this stuff would only sound good on a big system. I’m just saying that listening to it at home really makes me wanna hear it BIG. With the rolling bass line warp warp warping along in (again) that way that is uniquely TREi; and a fast stabbing synths that just tickles yer brainwaves and keeps bringing the energy up and up (and up and up). At the breakdown it comes back early….wait….has that been there all along? Sure has. Some great silent jabs on the back end…just to make sure that you’re paying attention. and then suddenly…




Dub FX

Tiki Taane