Trauma Unit Interview

Trauma Unit

Out of Leeds, UK comes the production duo called Trauma Unit, who is one of the latest signings to the mighty Formation Records ran by drum and bass legend DJ SS. The pair come off of a recent EP release called Dominion which houses some mighty dancefloor smashers for the fans out there. We sit down with Trauma Unit to talk about their EP project, some upcoming releases and their part in Word of Drum and Bass Tour.

What got you into the drum and bass culture and how did you get into producing?
We’ve been producing all sorts of stuff for years but only got into DNB recently. We love the fast paced beats and distorted basslines.

Where did you come up with the idea for the artist name Trauma Unit?
It was James Marvel actually who came up with the name. We were looking for something clinical and he suggested that.

What is your studio set up like and what’s your preferred DAW?
For bass lines, we’ve been using the Juno 60 and SH 101 via Korg’s DVP1 all through an Amek Tac Scorpion for adding colour. Been using the Virus TI2 as well a lot for synth sounds and atmos. All breaks are sample based built from the ground up. We’re currently using Cubase 8, Ableton Live and FL Studio on Bootcamp, depending on the project.

Do you have a particular thing you do to get some headway on a tune when you get stuck or unmotivated?
When we get stuck we just work on something else for a little while and then we get back to what we were initially doing.

You just released the Dominion EP on Formation Records. How did you get linked up with DJ SS over there?
We’ve sent our tunes to SS a few months ago, he liked what we do and eventually signed us to Formation Records.

Can we expect any more tunes on Formation in the coming months?
We’re in the studio as we speak working on new material.

The World of Drum and Bass tour has been kicking off over in Europe just recently. Are you playing any of these dates?
Nothing has been confirmed yet. All future dates will become available on our page.

Do you have any plans to tour over in the USA when WODB comes over?
Yeah, we do want to tour in the US as well. We’ve recently come back from a two-week tour to Asia and totally loved it. The crowds are so receptive and passionate. It was an amazing experience!

Are there any final words you’d like to say to the readers and fans out there?
Thank you all guys for the support and hope to see you all soon at one of our upcoming events.

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