Trakker – Ghosted/Praying Mantis – Natty Dub Recordings


Natty Dub Recordings present a brand new venture in the form of Wrong Turn. A label set up to showcase the talents of producers on an experimental tip where beats come hard and baselines take you on a totally different journey.

Trakker takes top spot with release 001, a double A sided selection in the form of ‘Ghosted’ and ‘Praying Mantis’. Two hard hitting beats for your ear that are nothing short of murky, sub influenced grot. By no means are we talking jump up or rollers here. These are, in some respects, a blast from the past and some may well remember the term ‘darkside’. That’s both of these tracks in a nutshell.

‘Ghosted’ runs that popular horror theme to the fullest with short, nasty bassline stabs that could easily mimic 100 one finger salutes for the reload. It’s wonkey, offbeat snare pattern does as intended, chugging along at a nice steady pace to shuffle to. Flip over and ‘Praying Mantis’ has, as expected, a crafty little nod to kung fu B movies. Mix in some modulated bass notes that seem to melt all over the place and you have yourself another staple darkside banger. Nice to see elements of the riffs develop over time too!

Stick your bloody head down and get into this.

A nasty couple of dubs from the legendary Natty Dub Recordings label via Wrong Turn Records bring you a grimy sound that keeps the feet moving with both of these dance floor killers.

The A side ‘Ghosted’ is is full of eerie atmospheric synths, vocal samples at the drop with minimal hi hat snare and kick driven tempo and distant droning subs finish off the theme. Living up to it’s name it’s a moody soundtrack piece.

While other A side ‘Praying Mantis’ gets even moodier if it’s possible. And it is. Spooky intro sounds like critters bumping around in a dark room. Sample and drop into a plodding rhythm with double kicks and that filthy scratched warbled synth line and sub rumbling. Back into the darkness to listen to the things that bump in the night and a second round to hit you again.

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