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Trading Fours featuring Anastasia- Inner City Dance.

Special ED here, back with the latest Inner City Dance release from Trading Fours featuring Anastasia.  This four-track release includes remixes by Gremlinz & Jesta and Werkflow that are absolutely sick.  Let’s get into it

Five Hour Tealights ft. Anastasia

This beautifully crafted journey into “The hours gone by”.   Anastasia’s voice is angelic and mesmerizing draws you right into the song.  Dreamlike atmospherics, hints of Wax Doctor in the drums and a warm enveloping bass rounds out this amazing tune.

Uplifted Ft. Anastasia

Boom, tap the beat sets you steppin into a blissful summertime vibe.  The faint calls of a Theremin responding to the calls of Anastasia’s heavenly voice.  Whether it watching the sunrise or rollin’ around the town with the top down.  This tune has got you.

Five Hour Tealights ft. Anastasia – Gremlinz & Jesta Remix

Gremlinz & Jesta bring the heat with their take on Five Hour Tealight.   They do an absolutely stunning job highlighting Anastasia lyrics with drum breaks that cut like Excalibur.  Not to mention a heavy bassline to match.   If you’re a fan of Gremlinz & Jesta like I am then you definitely need this in your life.

Five Hour Tealights ft. Anastasia – Werkflow Remix

At first listen I was transported back to the sounds of the ’96-’97 gangster hardstep sounds that I love.  Sharp minimal drums and heavy chest shaking bass combined with dubbed-out vocals that create tension throughout.  I found myself one foot skanking all over my studio.

Junglist’s do yourselves a favor and pick up this EP and check Inner City Dance Records out of Toronto, Canada.  They are available on all the fine digital music outlets.  BOH!

Follow Inner City Dance here

Ed Knudson
Special ED has been DJing Jungle and D&B since 1996, influenced heavily by the Ragga and Jump-Up styles of the time. Special ED has played alongside some of the VIP Drum n’ Bass - Jungle DJ's, producers and MC's, such as Spectrasoul, DJ SS, Remarc, Dieselboy, AK1200, General Malice. Nickey Blackmarket, Mikey Finn, Aphrodite, Artificial Intelligence, Slip & Slide, Marcus Visionary, Lush, John B, A Sides, Mathematics, Sigma, Ed Rush & Optical, Capital J, Eskman, L-Natural and Caddy Cad to mention a few. As of recent Special ED has joined FLEX Recordings as an artist and Radio Press Officer.

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