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Total Science

Spinback, 1/2 of the legendary Total Science, took a break from the studio to chat with us about their recent move to Bristol, life inside and outside of the studio, future projects and the recently released Classified E.P.

How has 2015 been treating you so far?
Since moving to Bristol last year and getting our new studio space set up in September things have been great. We took a gamble. Quiff sold his flat and we put all our money into moving here and changed everything. It has really started to pay off this year, the vibe we are on is feeling good and a lot of enjoyable time is being spent making music. All in all the year has started pretty good.

I know Paul has been on a bit of a health kick lately. Is there anything in your daily routines that inspire or help the two of you balance everyday life with studio time and touring?
Quiff gets up nearly every morning at 5:30am and goes for a 9 mile run. The area were we live is right next to the river Avon so it is a beautiful spot to run and free the mind ready for a creative day. I’ve been doing Yoga, meditating and eating a lot healthier for the past year, all of which is really helping me on all fronts!

You and Quiff have been in the game since the early to mid 90’s under different aliases and have quite the discography. What are your secrets for going strong all of these years and not going broke or institutionalized?
No secret, just a passion for music. We both met through a mutual love of Hip Hop back in the mid 80’s and than we fell in love with early rave music which developed into Jungle and obviously into DnB. There was a period when we did lose a bit of the passion and found partying was preferred to musical quality. We still loved it back then but we didn’t have the depth we started with and do now. It’s been tough at times financially but we would rather struggle doing what we love rather than make music we didn’t like just for money.We would rather go back to working on the building sites than churn out some of the shit that passes as DnB these days!

Out of all the tunes that you have produced is there one that you are most proud of?
Honestly, there are way too many of them to choose just one. All we can say is, we are blessed to have been able to spend a large part of our lives doing something we love.

The two of you are quite the characters. How do you get any work done? Do you have a production routine?
We both know our strengths so we played to them. There is not a set routine especially now that we live together and share the same studio. Ideally we like to start with a well eq’ed beat but the aim is to enjoy making music. There are obviously a lot of laughs when working but not so much that we don’t get the job done.

Can you tell us about the Classified EP coming out on your label C.I.A.?
We planned on doing this Classified series last year but wanted to get the right tunes in to start it off with a bang. The EP has Original tracks from Calibre, Mako, ourselves and Riya plus a Chroma remix of the track Whoonga S.P.Y and us wrote. The EP’s vibe is just a reflection of our taste in DnB which is and always been pretty varied. It is released now on our CIA Bandcamp with a full digital release on Monday 2nd March

Total Science has worked with some amazing artists. Who have you been itching to work with?
There are a lot of artists we’d like to work with outside of DnB. Inside [DnB], Calibre is still someone we would love to work with. [We are] also very much looking forward to getting in the studio with Break soon.

Is there anything else we can look forward to from Total Science or the label(s)?
We have a collab track on DLR’s LP sampler called “Control The Sound” out now . We are just finishing off an EP for Metalheadz as well as tracks for Riya’s album. That is on top of collabs with Digital & Spirit, FD, Nymfo and Onemind (DLR & Mako). On CIA, we have a Calibre EP dropping next, then music from , Chromatic, Voltage and of course from ourselves, while always looking for new music to release.

You two have your hands full! Thanks for taking the time to chat with us. Where can our readers catch you next?
Gig wise, I’m off to Johannesburg in March for the first time. Really excited about that. Got a U.S. Tour planned for May and various gigs in the Uk and Europe over the next 3 months.

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