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Toronto Is Broken – Interview & Free Track

Toronto Is Broken

We catch up with UK based Toronto Is Broken to chat about his brand new single Way Down / Original

SLAYER042 - TiB - 785

We love this new release from you and it seems to be more club focused compared to your previous releases, tell us more.

Thanks! It definitely is more clubs focused to what I normally produce, and it was a nice change. “Section Nine” and “Mirrored Walls / Sorrow” were very concept heavy and written with the objective of telling a story to the listener. It was great to just put that to one side, even though I love that aspect of composing music, and go full throttle on creating dance floor energy! The concept writing will continue however with my second album, which will directly follow the first album, I’ve already started writing the story I’m planning to tell with it.

 “Way Down” has a very different feel, how did this come about?

With “Way Down” I tested myself in using the kind of synthesizers that I’ve never really played around with before. The intro was written first and with emulators of the classic synths such as the Roland Juno and Korg Polysix. In terms of the bassline, instead of taking the easy option such as Massive, I used an emulation of the old Korg MS-20 to create the bassline with, an instrument more commonly known with techno productions, and it seemed natural to send the track in a more techno inspired direction.

“Original” is BIG!  How has the feedback been for it?

“Original” has been going down great, loads of big names and idols of mine have picked up on it such as TC and Mind Vortex to name a few. You never expect something to be so well received when you’re writing it, the same went with “Spirit Song 2012”, and it’s a lovely surprise. I think receiving feedback on your work is probably my favourite part of the whole release process.

Your album “Section Nine” dropped at the beginning of the year, how’s life for TiB since then?

My year’s been super busy both in terms of writing and releases. The album opened so many doors for me and I made a dream come true by releasing earlier this year on Viper Recordings with my track “This Way Up”. Technique Recordings featured “Someone Close” on their recent summer compilation and it’s great to get the Drumsound & Bassline Smith guys strongly behind my work. I also had my first ever music video released in September to, of my track “Field Of Poppies” and I’m super happy with the results, they did a great job on a very personal track of mine which is about my young daughter.

What’s coming up for TiB in the next year?

Keeping myself busy! I’ve got a ton of music waiting to be released after this single, and we’re planning to release several single from myself over the next six months or so. I’m also working on a super top secret project that I’m so excited about to, but unfortunately I think I’ve said too much already!


Way Down/Original is OUT NOW on Beatport Exclusive
20th Nov – iTunes – Sub StoreJuno Download

Check out the release below and grab yourself a free track as well