Drum & Bass dosn’t come much more iconic than Aphrodite’s 99 classic ‘King Of The Beats’.

Aphrodite’s career stretches all the way back to 1992, and he has had his name on more hits than you’ve had hot dinners. Alongside Mickey Finn as Urban Shakedown, Some Justice and Bass Shake are just two of the tracks to be declared classics, and remixes of the Jungle Brothers and The Luniz swiftly followed. He’s gone on to produce for other artists and bring out his own hit albums, and now returns with something SPECIAL for 2016.

He has recorded ‘King Of The Beats’ along remixing it himself and getting a banging remix from Levela. We thought this would be a perfect time to find out what the top tunes in his set are at the moment.

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1. Benny L – Bitter Sweet

2. Pacso & Trigga – G’d Up

3. Aries – Ways Of The Underground

4. Neonlight – My Galactic Tale (Album)

5. C Coppa Remixed Album – An Act of Aggression Remixes

Listen to Aphrodite – ‘King of the Beats 2016’

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