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Drum & Bass powerhouse label Viper Recordings are about to drop the latest single from Brookes Brothers ‘Good To Me ft. Majesty’ at the end of the this week (Pre order it here). It features a massive remix from BMotion.  

BMotion has been smashing up the dance-floor with his originals and remixes of late, so we though we would catch up with him to find out what the top 5 bangers in his set are at the moment…

Andy C – New Era VIP

This VIP version is killer. Loads of groove and makes people move. It’s got a post apocalyptic feel about it and i love it! Really good one to mix in and out of too.

June Miller & Teddy Killerz – Wildlife  

This thing drops like a bomb! The first time i dropped it in a club was at Fabric and it sounded huge! Will be in my sets for some time i feel.

Insomniax – Uridium

Well done to the Insomniax boys because this goes off! Cuts through the mix and smashes it every time. I was working on an idea like this for myself but i’m not going to bother any more!!

Sam Binga – Lef Dem (feat. Redders)

I’m not sure when this track came out, but i think it was a few years ago. This track kills it when you want to switch things up though. Always gets people moving and works really well when you got back to your standard DnB.

Culture Shock – Tangents

I’m a big Culture Shock fan anyway, as are most, but this track really sticks out for me and gives people something different. Not necessarily a smasher, but definitely one people know straight away and in my opinion that’s what makes a great tune!

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