Tony Anthem – Street Knowledge – Big Riddim Recordings

Tony Anthem - Big Riddim Recordings

For years this Florida based US DNB label has been cranking out quality tunes by some of the biggest and baddest producers in the game. Names like Muffler, NC-17, Zardonic, Counterstrike and Gridlok have all had their works immortalized through this label project. The latest is another massive release by Tony Anthem, 1/2 of the production duo known as Future Prophecies, and is topping the charts and flooding the dancefloors all around the globe. The DNB Vault takes a closer look at this latest release from AK1200 & W.P.L‘s imprint, Big Riddim Recordings.

Tony Anthem – Street Knowledge (Original)

The original is a rugged and raw heavy amen tune that is great for a hype up tune, peek tune or a massive close out tune. It has a tinge of some ragga jungle elements in there and great drum edits. Big tune here!

Tony Anthem – Street Knowledge (Gridlok Remix)

Well what can we say about a Gridlok tune that hasn’t already been said about a Gridlok tune? Super massive remix biz here! This remix takes on a whole new life which uses a bit more of a swing drum vs the amen drums of the original. Heavy synth basslines carry the tune and make it heavily versatile for your sets.

Tony Anthem – Mayhem (Original)

Mayhem is a page of out the Future Prophecies handbook and shows why this man has been making tunes for all these years. Big powerful heavy bass that is gut punching and sounds like an armageddon is about to happen. Great tune to use for the kill shot once you have them begging for mercy on the dancefloor.

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