As the Los Angeles-based Timeless DNB crew charge ahead after recently celebrating their seventh year in existence, we check in with the founders of the club night and crew for a wide-ranging chat about the trials and tribulations involved in pulling off a successful club night. To hammer home their point, hometown heroes Dip Vertigo and Neuropunk hit us with a guest mix that expresses what that quintessential Timeless vibe is all about.

First off introduce yourself and what Timeless represents.
JEREMY: My name is Jeremy Eichberg aka Dip Vertigo and I, along with my partner Solomon Baldeo aka Neuropunk, run Timeless DNB. Starting out as free-for-all high energy rowdy dnb monthly at the Little Rock in Tarzana to a mature two-room multi-genre drum & bass experience at the Medusa Lounge in Los Angeles, one thing has always stayed constant: the vibe.

SOLOMON: To me, the kind of vibe Timeless represents is the spirit of drum & bass/jungle sound as whole along with the representation, progression and rise of the Los Angeles underground.

You just hit 7 Years and are onto your 8th – take us back to when Timeless was just an idea. What was your first event and long-term vision at that time?
SOLOMON: Jeremy and I were part of the Grapevinez crew that was run by the legendary MCMC. Jeremy and I had always vibed and so we threw our first show together called RIZE under the Grapevinez banner back in 2007.

JEREMY: We brought out Hive and had Myka 9 and Busdriver host his set and packed the place full with 600+ drum & bass heads vibing out all night. It was after this night that Solomon and I came to the realization that we needed to do our own thing. I already had a free breaks weekly at the Little Rock going and was approached by the owners to do another night. I agreed but only under the condition that the venue would put a new sound system in. They dumped $15K into a ridiculous sound system managed and installed by AdamAntium, the original Timeless sound man.

SOLOMON: From here, we established the Bass Dynasty Crew collective and threw the first Timeless DNB event in January 2008. The show was a success and the rest is history. The vision we saw with the night was to become a consistent platform and showcase for up and coming local drum & bass artists as well as providing high quality lineups and sound to the SoCal scene. That original crew consisted of myself, Dip Vertigo, J-Tec, AdamAntium, Jona, Lynk and Ridda. Once we saw what we had built and what we were accomplishing with Timeless, we knew that was going to be a long time commitment on our part, and we were more than happy to take on the responsibility. It comes as no surprise that we’ve hit our 7-year mark.


Looking back across the years what have been some of the low points and high points?
JEREMY: I think the lowest point was at the end of 2010 when the Little Rock decided they wanted to start a weekly hip hop night and gave us the boot. It came as a major shock to us because we were killing it and we kind of felt used. Losing AdamAntium’s custom-built sound system was probably the hardest thing for us because now we knew wherever we went we would have to bring in sound increasing our budget.

We started hopping from venue to venue with limited success until we moved to the Medusa Lounge and teamed up with Patrick Yates and his 8:40 Productions team and quickly made them a part of our family; things have grown exponentially from there. The Medusa Lounge has been a great venue in that it gave us the ability to have two areas of sound with the focus of the main room strictly on dnb/jungle and the second on a more eclectic selection of emerging sounds and genres. Because of this Timeless has become an even better vibe than we could have ever imagined.

Talk a bit more about your side room and how you see that as being part of your ongoing mission.
SOLOMON: The same way we provide a platform for up-and-coming artists, we felt we needed to create a platform for sounds like juke/footwork, UK garage, bassline house, future bass, dubstep, etc., that we felt were pushing underground music to new and exciting heights. The second room is also a space where we can showcase sounds we love and have roots in such as hip hop, reggae, funk and more. We’re just promoting good music and good vibes…no boundaries.

Bailey @ Timeless


For those who may be trying to build their local scene, what sort of advice can you share to help them do what they do?
JEREMY: Have patience and know that there is going to be ups and downs, possibly more downs. Promoting drum & bass is especially difficult because it ebbs and flows more than any other genres. If you’re in a scene that has a lot of promoters make sure you are in constant contact. Because of the size of drum & bass in comparison to other genres, another dnb night on your night can destroy you. Even a dnb night the night before yours can hurt you so make sure you know what is going on around you at all times so you don’t hurt yourself or another promoter. Splitting your scene is the worst thing you can do.

As with many heads pushing dnb stateside, you have your hands in other pots beside the promotion game. Talk about your own efforts as a DJ and producer.
JEREMY: I am still happy to say that I love DJing just as much as I did when I started twelve years ago. That being said, I have definitely shifted my gears towards production these past few years and I am doing everything I can to get on a big label, RAM being my number one choice for bangers and Hospital for liquid. I have three liquid tunes I will be shopping at the beginning of 2015 and have a new project I am unveiling soon as well called “Empire Inc” I am working with David Hiller on. Hopefully Mr. Andy C will like the results!

What plans do you have moving forward for Timeless in 2015?
JEREMY: 2015 has started off with a bang. Our goal coming into this year was to bring new headliners to Timeless. We hosted John B for our 7 year anniversary in January, we had Mediks this last Saturday, next month we bring Nympho, and we are very close to locking down another first time Timeless appearance for April, but you’ll have to wait to find out about that one. The rest of 2015 is up in the air, but we do plan on doing our first all DNB night in May. If the rest of the year goes as well as the start of the year we’re in for another epic year of Timeless DNB!
Nympho Front
You’ve hit us with a monster mix as well – what should we be looking out for?

JEREMY: This mix features both sides of Dip Vertigo and Neuropunk with a 75 minute mind-bending drum n bass journey. Starting out with a very forward thinking first half from Neuropunk, showcasing the new sounds of future bass, the ever growing half time dnb, into the relentless neurofunk he’s been known for over the years, all with seamless quick mixes.

The second half finds Dip Vertigo bringing the energy up another level with bangers galore mixed on three decks, showcasing triple drops, double drops and teases of some of the biggest tunes in drum n bass today. The combination of the two DJs different styles brings forth different emotions throughout the mix, each representing Timeless in its own way causing a Yin and Yang effect. You decide who is Yin and who’s Yang. Strap in for this one, it’s quite the ride!

Any final shouts before we get into the mix?
JEREMY: First off, we’d like to thank dnbvault.com for giving us the opportunity to share our journey and welcome them to our drum n bass community. We look forward to their growth and will help support them any way we can. Second, it would be impossible for us to shout out everyone who has supported us as we would surely leave someone very deserving out and that wouldn’t be right. If you have been one of those people you know who you are and we thank you from the bottom of our hearts. To our Timeless followers that show up month in and month out, thank you! Timeless or any other event our die hard dnb community provides would not happen if it wasn’t for the fans of the music.

For those that haven’t had a chance to experience Timeless yet, come out to our next show Saturday March 7th as we host the mighty NYMPHO along with many of our local DJs and see for yourself what the hype is all about. We welcome you all to the ever growing movement that is Timeless DNB!

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