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Los Angeles based Theatrix takes us on a majestic journey in the Golden Dawn EP. This debut EP from the Divination head titan and co-founder traverses dark environments and soundscapes of radiant brilliance alike. The dark and techy “Invocation” starts the excursion off in an eruption of energy and shadowy undertones. The whispers take hold and propel the listener into a state of hypnosis. “Tundra” carries the energy forward as Theatrix conspires with two favorite disciples of the Los Angeles underground underground, Composure and Chemistry MC, to create a funky banger that will satisfy both dancers and critical chin-strokers. In“Mesmerism,” trance and funk are transmuted into drum and bass to conjure a dance-floor smashing, beastly entity – glamoring the listener with booming basslines and a euphoric vibe. The title track “Golden Dawn” brings the expedition to an end on an ethereal high-note that can awaken the light deep inside the darkest practitioners.

With releases on Viper and Divination, Theatrix has enjoyed consistent support from the drum and bass community. In 2018, he founded Divination with wife and partner, Aeracura, in an effort to make a positive impact on the genre. In addition to writing and releasing music, he takes on new artists and assists in their professional development as well as the evolution of their sound.

The first track on the EP is Invocation and it starts off with a haunting, video game style melody that quickly desolves into a rhythmic bass. The bass stabs at you slowly at first, then picking up speed towards the drop. A spacey washed out vocal hovers around in the background until the drop hits. Once the drop hits the crisp drums, running bass and futuristic lead keep your focus. With melody changes and well thought out structure the tune moves along with ease until the second breakdown. In the second breakdown a new sense of darkness creeps in and before you know it the tune starts building again towards the new drop. The second drop is more bassline focused and has a crisp, stabbing bassline that gives the midrange a workout. This is a solid dancefloor tune for any dnb set.

Theatrix Tundra feat. Composure & Chemistry MC
Composure is the second tune on the EP and starts off swinging. The beginning of the tune reminds the listener of being chased in a scene of the movie Tron. Strong synth work on this one grabs your attention and the upbeat bassline compliments the lead synth perfectly. Chemistry MC is placed perfectly in the track and comes in solid. Vocal FX are also on point as the vocal is used throughout the tune but in just the right places and in just the right way. Less is more on this running dancefloor banger. I will be adding this one to my sets immediately.

Theatrix shows us his melodic side on Mesmerism as the intro forces the listener into a harmonic state of trance momentarily. The arp starts to creep in and suddenly the drums are moving the song along and you are moving. Although the tune is in full swing the melody sticks around and even with the top synth layers disappearing the bassline keeps the same melody line and keeps the tune moving to the breakdown. Once the breakdown hits it’s another trip into space. With a similar second drop this tune is sure to help transition many different styles in a dnb set. With the steady dancefloor vibe shrouded in melodic synth layers this hits many different dnb fans in just the right spot.

TheatrixGolden Dawn
The title track of the EP starts off with a beautiful array of melodic soundscapes that have an almost retro and warm vibe to them. Reminiscent of something DJ Shadow would sample this funky and melodic intro puts a smile on your face from the first beat. When the kick drum starts slowly building in the background you feel an anticipation building but with a sense of what’s to come. When the drop hits there is a sense of familiarity there because the melodies and harmonies are so perfectly calculated. This is truly an all-encompassing piece of music rather than instruments pushed together to achieve an effect. You can identify the detail and care that went into the arrangement on this tune. The second breakdown is just as lovely as the intro and the consistency in this tune continues through the second drop. What a lovely piece of music that is going to be a huge opening or closing tune for a solid dnb set.

Words by Bad Martian








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