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The Prototypes – Pop It Off – Viper Recordings

Rawtee joins the DNB Vault team and reviews the latest release by Viper Recordings artists The Prototypes.

In between the toes of tons of touring, boat parties and production, UK drum and bass production duo the Prototypes have reached the City of Gold. Releasing on dance floor authority label Viper Recordings, the flagship single “Pop it off” enlists the vocal talents of Mad Hed City for maximum anthem impact. With ravers wondering how they could follow up to their breakout Pale Blue Dot, Pop It Off steals the show with Mad Hed’s dancehall vibes splashed on the intro before the detuned stabs signal the coming of the drop. Sure to cause mayhem and intense waving about, there are a few nice surprise edits to call attention to detail and keep the dancers guessing for the next beat. Not without style and flair, the composition is glued together by a menacing reece bassline and a full dancehall styled break down. Pop It Off is available May 3 with the full album following two weeks afterwards.

For more information on The Prototypes
The Prototypes on Facebook
The Prototypes on Soundcloud
Viper Recordings Official Website

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