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The Original Glitch

Fresh off his EP release with DSCI4 is New York producer Jason Selden, aka Glitch, who has been blowing up dance floors with his tunes all year. Glitch’s back to back smashers on Patrol The Skies, ‘Angel’s Sin’ with SST and ‘The Precipice’, has put this artist on pace for a career summer. His forthcoming tunes with the Burner Brothers, Subsonik and HammerzZ as well as a release on Vault 78 has the drum & bass world ready to hear more. We recently caught up with Jason in upstate New York to talk about his big EP release on Trace’s imprint, his hits with Patrol The Skies and what’s in store for the future.

I always like to find out how artists came up with their names. How did you decide on yours?
Let me start by saying its a horribly unimaginative and unoriginal name to choose. Nowadays there are a bunch of other dance music producers that use the name “Glitch” to some capacity. I should have changed it a long time ago! Years ago, sometime around the turn of the century, I decided I wanted to make dnb. I had no gear of my own and no computer. I would ask my friend (SST AKA Darren Comans) if he wanted to make tunes on his computer as he had been to recording arts school (Full Sail) and shared the same interest in drum & bass. At the time I was pretty computer illiterate as I had only messed around with making beats on table top beat machines. Nearly every time I touched or even got near his computer, I would seemingly fuck his machine up somehow. I believe I might have “blue screened” his PC a few times. He would get pissed but, we enjoyed having a smoke and trying to figure out how to make proper dnb so it continued. A local friend and fellow dnb head (Norbel Rivera) would stop by and make comments about how I fucked computers up and told me I should call myself “Glitch”. They joked about how I had a magnetic field around me that was detrimental to computers for years to come.

What got you into drum & bass and how long have you been doing this?
I spent all of my teenage years has a techy metal guitarist (90’s Florida death metal) and was getting more and more into the hardcore / vegan scene. I had left my parents home and was slumming about, couch surfing at friends houses. I ended up staying at a house in south Florida with a few strippers I had met through some friends. They brought me to my first rave which led me to my first jungle/dnb room. Fed me my first E and also pawned my guitar gear for coke money while I was was away visiting friends months down the line. After much drama and heartbreak, there was a turning point for me and I had developed a huge interest in making DNB after seeing AK1200 and Dieselboy a bunch of times in the mid to late 90’s. The idea of being able to complete a whole composition by myself seemed really appealing. Around 1998, I talked a friend into buying a beat machine and we started attempting to make DNB. Bittersweet much?!

You recently released a new single on Patrol The Skies Music. Can you talk a bit more about this?
I have known CT Burners and Al Seen since the early 2000’s as CT came to Orlando,FL to attend Full Sail for their recording arts program. Some of my closest friends have ran Orlando’s DNB weekly (Torque) for 16 years now and booked both CT and Al Seen to play back then. CT Burners also helped get SST and myself booked for our first out of state dj gig at Direct Drive in NYC back in 2002. After a move from Orlando,FL to NYC in 2007, I took a break/proclaimed I quit DNB after getting very burnt out with it. Since then, for the first time in about 7 years, I decided to “poke my head up” again and started working on new DNB tunes at the end of 2014. I had hit Al up on facebook and sent him some things I had been messing with and he said he was interested in releasing them. Thanks for giving me an outlet to come back to the scene Al!

You also just released a new EP on DSCI4 that’s out now. How did you get linked up with Trace for this project?
I had met Trace through his DSCI4 message board back around 2002-03. I had sent him some of my solo beats I was working on. Having already had a few collaborations (one with Gridlok and a bunch with SST and Genr8 as “The Chosen”) that had been released with other labels at that point and I was in love with the techy, forward thinking sounds he had been releasing. All of my favorite producers were releasing 12′ on DSCI4 at the time (Kemal,Sinthetix,BSE ect). Nothing ever came of it at the time but, Trace had been supportive of my production and suggested I give up a single as a free DL to help get my solo name out there. It seemed to have worked pretty well at the time, but that was the beginning of what seemed to be a big lull in DNB and around the time I moved to NYC. Last year on facebook, I had noticed that Trace had brought DSCI4 back, so I hit him up to say hello and send some new beats I had been working on. He was all for it. Thanks Trace!

What other projects are you working on now that we can expect over the new few months?
I have some collaborations started with a few other American producers like Subsonik, HammerzZ, Cenobites, The Burner Bros, SST, and there’s talk of somethings with Pete (NC-17) but nothing as of yet. I don’t have as much time as I used to now that I’m married with kids so time management is something I have to pay attention to. As far as other projects go, I have been doing a few non dnb things in what spare time I do have. I’ve got a “chillwave”/”beach house music”/ down tempo project, with Philia Kim Downs on vocals that doesn’t have a name yet but, there’s about an LP done that’s ready to be shopped. In 2009 I released my “proggy post metal/Shoegaze” bands LP, The Project Pale on Ohm Resistance which had been mixed by Bill Laswell. If time permits, we might see a 2nd LP but, for now DNB is running the show again. Things are going well with it again and I don’t want to spread myself thin.

Where can the fans out there catch you live next?
I have nothing booked as of right now. I just played the Patrol the skies music showcase in Brooklyn back in May and that was good times. It was my first dnb party in about 7 years and felt great to be back! Promoters!!! I’m taking bookings for this summer!

Do you have any final words to the DNB Vault readers and fans out there in the world?
Keep the fires stoked!

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Mike Ragga
Mike is the Editor-In-Chief and co-founder of the DNB Vault who, notably, was a long time writer for the now defunct KMAG while covering music and events from Warp Tour, NOFX, Dirtyphonics and Benny Page.

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