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Just in time for Halloween, The Korsakov Compilations unleashes another non-stop lineup of heavy hitters representing the dark side of Drum & Bass. Demonstrating why they have become such a powerful influence by rounding up a straight up bad ass selection of artists to showcase.

This 15 track powerhouse comes out of the corner swinging with a banger from Teddy Killerz titled “BFG”. Which I’m assuming stands for “Big Fucking Gun”, cuz that’s what it sounds like. Keeping with the combat theme it moves into Raiser’s “Uppercut” which would be a fantastic track to launch any Viking raid on a local village with. Next up is Smooth’s “Capacitor” which a great dance floor mover sure to be in rotation during festival season. Droptek’s “Vexed” is a heavy, fast paced tech stepper sure to get the feet moving. They even have some hip-hop beats on board. Yeah, you read that right. Madster’s track “Blunderbuss” answers the question: what if you produced hip-hop style and tempo beats with Drum and Bass sounds? And now we know the answer. Blackley & Sublimit covers the half-time end of the spectrum with “Adapt or Die” conjuring up a lot of Dub-step style sounds with a half-time DnB groove.

You may have noticed that I’ve only mentioned one of the bigger names on this collection so far above. Do I really need to describe to you how awesome the tracks are by the likes of: Cause4Concern, MC Coppa & L33 (a.k.a. Lights Out), A-Cray, Current Value, Gydra, Dub Elements and Mean Teeth are? No, I don’t do I? They are all consistently solid producers of smashers and they don’t disappoint on this exclusive release effort. Delivering the sounds that we’ve all come to expect from their respective corners. With the exception of Dub Elements whose track may surprise you in it’s style. Showing them to be one of the more dynamic artists around in this writers opinion.

Korsakov music grew out of club night events in Rotterdam Holland and has championed the heavy and dark sound of Drum and Bass. Developing their own unique sound by pulling from all corners of the rich world of this music. Their influence has spread all over Europe at the bigger festivals such as Rampage and Let It Roll. With this second effort they’ve reached new heights and demonstrated why they’ve been so influential. The artists on this line up represent some of the biggest established names around in the world of Drum and Bass. As well as a solid list of up and coming hitters sure to establish themselves on the circuit.

They know what they’re doing and they do it well.

buy: https://www.beatport.com/release/the-korsakov-compilations-vol-2/2710380