The Kings of Separation 3-Year Anniversary

Kings of Separation 3-Year Anniversary

The Kings of Separation are celebrating their 3-year anniversary with a massive mix release which includes the DNB Vault’s own DJ ODI. We talked with owner, DJ MET, about the history and this special event.

DNB Vault: So this is the 3-year anniversary of The Kings of Separation and you have a very special collection of mixes to release to mark this occasion. How did this all start to get to where you’re at today at three years strong?

Met: The Kings of Separation is a loose collection of rave era DJs from the mid 1990s, all originally located in the Southeastern United States. We shared gigs, cross promoted parties under different crew names and ultimately raised each other’s reputations up. As the years progressed and families started, everyone moved apart, across the United States and the globe, including the UK, Sweden, Mexico and Japan. Thankfully, the internet is a wonderful thing and over the last 20+ years nearly everyone remained in touch via social media.

In 2017, I wanted to throw an old school event, featuring some of my favorite DJs from that era. It became a logistics and timing nightmare. There had to be a way to perform together, overcoming the problem of being thousands of miles apart. ‘The Kings of Separation’ was born.

At first, it was just shit talk on Facebook with each other, then the idea of submitting short mixes to be mixed together as a virtual tag team performance became the plan. To paraphrase an old meme, it was me, pretending to be so badass, ‘I could mix one mutherfucker with another muther fucker!’

In actuality, it was a ton of work to pull off. A month to get the mixes in from the featured DJs, two months for me to mix them together and a month of promotion. That cycle established the current quarterly pattern of release.

Kings of Separation was initially, all Drum n Bass with sister series, ‘Lords of the Deep’ being focused on house music. By 2020, the two shows were combined as a multi-genre quarterly performance.

DNB Vault: Sounds like a lot of work behind the scenes to keep this running. What are you hopes and aspirations for The Kings of Separation series moving forward?

Met: Many involved in the Kings of Separation have been in the underground electronic music scene for 20 plus years and still at it. The Kings of Separation is a way of saying that we are still here and can still move crowds.

Starting with volume five of the show. The ‘virtual tag team’ presentation was shelved, allowing the DJ mixes room to stand on their own. Going forward In 2021, the format will evolve into a proper webcast with DJ mixes and interviews to hear from the legends in their own voice. They have fascinating tales that should be shared.

DNB Vault: What does everyone have in store for this collection of anniversary mixes?

Met: Halloween of each year is the Kings of Separation anniversary and final show of the season. The heaviest hitters available are featured and each year, the guests really put their all into the show. This anniversary features drum & bass legend ODI and SHYGUY, who have submitted blistering hot performances that I can’t wait for everyone to hear. This definitely the heaviest Kings of Separation episode to date.

DNB Vault: Where can our readers go to listen to the 3-year anniversary mixes and past mixes?

Met: Current and previous episodes of KOS are available for streaming and download at:

In between shows, the Kings of Separation Facebook page is a nostalgic trip into the 1990s era Southeastern U.S. club scene, along with classic flyers, photos, music, interviews and stand alone mixes from DJs that have appeared on the show.