The Invaderz Interview

The Invaderz

We had a chance to chat with Darrell, 1/3 of The Invaderz, the morning after a gig at Fabric about their upcoming tour in the US.

Thanks for taking the time to chat with us!

You are a trooper. In addition to being under the weather, you just wrapped up a gig at Fabric for Innerground. How was it?
It was great man, Marky’s nights at Fabric are always great parties. Nice music, great people and Fabric’s ridiculously loud sound system are always a good combination!

That room had a heavy line up! DJ Marky, Lenzman, Spirit, Chromatic, GQ, Stamina, SP:MC and of course The Invaderz. The 3 of you been in the game for 15+ Years and have released tunes on . For those maybe new to the name, please tell us a little about yourselves?
I don’t ever know how to answer this question but to say we make Drum n Bass! Simple old fashioned Drum n Bass without trying to fall into any trends or fads. We like to make music we love and music we would want to hear. I think it’s easy to get caught up in whatever style is flavor of the month at any given time, yes, we try to embrace everything and will try all styles but don’t get hung up on trying to bandwagon!

We all in one way shape or form found or way to Jungle/DnB. Can you recall the first tune or moment that got you hooked?
I mean, I think the first track that actually made my ears go up and really boggled my brain was Terminator by Rufige Kru. Simply from a production point of view I couldn’t mentally fathom how it was made. I couldn’t understand how they did what they did with the drums and sounds. That was something I had never experienced listening to other types of music.

That is definitely one of Jungle/DnBs cornerstone tunes! Speaking of tunes, you 3 have quite the catalog of tunes… and a diverse one at that with releases on Metalheadz, Pivotal, Advance//d, DSCI4, Commercial Suicide, Soul:r, Innerground and your own imprint Invaderz Transmissions. What do you attribute your diversity to?
Well who wants to do the same thing over and over and over? And how can you respect or appreciate someone remaking the same track again and again? Drum n Bass has begun to do that I think, give props to people who only do one style, and yea, they may do it well but I don’t think that’s as respectable as at least attempting to do something new or vary your approach each time. Even if you don’t succeed at least you tried. It doesn’t bode well for longevity because if and when that style goes out of fashion then you’re left behind with that style.

The Invaderz released New Found Dialect LP in November of last year. How did the name come about?
We just used the title of one of the tracks. It’s a phrase that MC Stirlin used when he was giving us samples to use. We liked it and just went with it. No deep meaning of story really. Sorry haha.

In addition to working with MC Stirlin, you 3 have worked with a number of other artists. Do you have any funny studio or gig stories you can share?
Oh man, anytime we have Total Science or DJ Marky over there’s a lot of jokes and laughing but we also spend a lot of time just fooling around and talking mess at the studio. We laugh a LOT but as for stories I think I’ll have to hold off on the anecdotes because I don’t want to get beaten up!!

I can imagine! Q and Spinback are quite the characters! So what is on the horizon. Do you have any releases or remixes we should look out for?
Yea we have a 12″ follow up to out album on Commercial Suicide due out in the near future. Also we have signed tracks to Ingredients, Dutty Audio, Nemesis and we have remixes on Mac II and trying to finish a remix for the new We Gotcha project.

We’ll definitely keep our eyes and ears peeled out for those! On a final note, where can people catch The Invaderz next?
My next few gigs will be in the USA during March. I’ll be in LA at Respect as well as SD Union in San Diego and SXSW in Texas!

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