The Inbox With Random Movement: Week 21

Random Movement

Random Movement supplies us with his promo picks as he digs through his inbox and shares his top choices for week 21.

So I managed to talk the folks here at DNBVault to give me a soapbox to shout about awesome music to all of you. The tunes I’m going to be sharing with you are a snapshot of my favorite tunes I’ve received on promo for that week. The music I’ve selected here will be released within the month, if the songs haven’t been released already. (Hint: google it!) Chances are if I’m writing about a tune in this section, its because it deserves to be spoken about. You aren’t going to read a whole lot of bad reviews here. I don’t like to write about stuff that doesn’t interest me, so if a track is mentioned here, its because I like it and plan on playing it out regularly. To hell with the rating systems too… You’ll know if its a 10 out of 10 or not when you give the tunes a listen. – Random Movement

Loggi – Where’s The Love Gone EP – Emotif Records

Holy jungle hell fire what is this monstrosity? You had me at “Lynx”, and then my cup runneth over with “Ray Keith”, and both are on remix duties! But before I talk about the big boys, Loggi has really managed to knock the ball out of the park with such a solid bit of jungle-nostalgia-infused tunes. “Where’s The Love Gone” has got a slick sexy vocal running thru it that Lynx manages to go heavy with in the end. “Shine Your Love On Me” runs the jungle gamut and makes me feel like a little kid again, and Ray Keith manages to take that feel and turn it on its head with his kong-like cock-and-balls of a bass line. Deependance takes the title track and really goes all out with the drum work, rounding out a really solid EP for Emotif to stand proudly behind.

Various Artists – 10 years of Blu Saphir – Blu Saphir Recordings

Blu Saphir has been pumping out releases that I’ve used in my podcasts religiously, and it seems only fitting that a label with such an outstanding back catalog put out a compilation like this on their tenth anniversary. If you are a fan of soulful drum and bass and haven’t gotten to hear much from this label, this is a proper introduction to their sound. “Sweetest Thang” by Bassface Sascha still gets put on regular rotation in my mixes as well as TheEgo, DJ Roots & Bungle’s “Conquest System”. Those who know, know. If you don’t, go buy it. You’re welcome.

Silence Groove – Mescaline EP – Offworld Recordings

Silence Groove has been on my radar for a while now, and its safe to say that his sound is really maturing and finding its place amongst a vast sea of up and coming drum and bass artists out there. This EP is really something not to overlook, with the title track “Mescaline” driving the creative endeavours of this release. Its got this really awesome feel to it at the end of each major phrase where the drums build up and everything gets wild for a minute and then BAM! it drops you back into this deep, eerie twin-peaks vibe. A really dynamic track that is going onto my permanent playlist for late night driving. Arpeggiated synths and atmospheres take the lead on “Sweeper”, building into a nice head bobber worthy of club play. “Shine Through” starts low and builds into an emotional mover with some really beautiful sounds throughout. “Cue” is just another taste of the creative rhythmic elements I can only hope to see more of from this guy. What a release.

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