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The Inbox With Random Movement: Week 18

Random Movement supplies us with his promo picks as he digs through his inbox and shares his top choices for week 18.

Bachelors of Science – The Space Between LP – Code Recordings

It has been a long time coming, but the Bachelors of Science LP mothership has arrived! A stellar collection of music here. The boys fill our cups with 14 fresh tunes to groove with, and all of them are pristine and worth a listen. “Before You Go” gets really high marks in my book with the vocal works of Dylan Germick and additional production of Audio Angel, making this track go down like hot chocolate. Collette’s vox graces “On the Line” with Ben Soundscapes hand in churning this butter of a tune. You can expect to hear me playing at least half of these tracks in my DJ sets, if not more. Simply a great selection of music that represents the trio’s abilities and talents.

Command Strange – Visions EP – Liquid V

What can I say about Command Strange, aside from the fact that nearly everything I get sent from him winds up in my record bag? Kazakhstan’s finest returns for another soulful escapade with his Visions EP, out soon on none other than the classic groove source known as Liquid V. Bryan G does not disappoint us with his selection of Command Strange’s finest soul bits since we first started hearing from him in 2009. Check out the title tracks melodic change-up when the bass hits. This one really got me.

Lurch – Never Be Mine / Waves VIP – Intrigue

Lurch has quickly become one of my favorite soulful and melodic entities to-date, and these two tracks only further solidify my feelings. “Never Be Mine” is a soul-melting melodic masterpiece with some nice moody change-ups and a fantastic vocal bit to fill it all in. “Waves VIP” brings back that amazing vocal by Alice Devine and layers it over a more moody and unpredictable bass line. Intrigue has done it yet again with this release, helping put this brilliant young artist on the map.

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