Teej – Drama EP – Nuusic


Teej serves up a four track EP on Nuusic that comes out of the corner swinging and doesn’t stop til it knocks you clean out. Pulling in support from the likes of DJ Hybrid, Disrupta, Riko Dan, Jappa and Slay. And that’s one hell of a lot of talent to squeeze onto four tracks. But, Nuusic and Teej seem to manage somehow.

No Drama – Teej & Slay

The EP’s name sake just gets right to it. Slay on vocals and Teej at the wheel. Some ambient intro and a smooth drop while the lyrics slide right in with the groove. Bass line rumbles along nicely underneath the groove with the lyrics and it all just works so well together that you kinda just bounce with it. It actually takes some effort to notice specific parts cuz everything meshes so well on this track. It’s not until the vocals drop out that you realize how well produced this track is. So many subtle influences going on in this that they’d be easy to miss.

Coin TossTeej

This is the only track on the EP where Teej goes it alone as he pulls in a great lineup of talent on this EP. It’s ok though…he’s got this. Intro has a great evil sounding “whats’ the most you’ve ever lost in a coin toss” sample. Sets the mood and at the drop its vibes all day. Bass hits with wub wub to spare and a really sparse drum arrangement that flows with these great cycling arp pads in the background that are hypnotizing you…you just don’t know it yet. This track has so much atmosphere that you could bottle it and sell it separately.

16 Speakers VIP – Teej & Jappa

Speaking of vibes this one has a few. A real speaker test to check if yer sound system is proppa. I’m not sure if this is a statement, a challenge or a prescription in the title. But, I do know that I want to collect 16 foundation shaking speakers and test it in the lab to find out. In any case, this is a pretty minimal track. Which is to say that it doesn’t waste a note and there’s plenty of space for the effects and dialog between all the parts. And I personally love it since things don’t have to be busy and crazy all the time. Really a lot of attention to detail on this one. Some meticulous sound engineering going on.

Duppy (DJ Hybrid Remix) – Teej, Disrupta, Riko Dan

This one rolls in with some attitude and at the drop the bass opens up a portal to the earthquake zone. Vocals on point as it rolls through the first couple sections and just when you think you got a handle on the groove it takes a hard left turn into the Jungle. Yes it was a roller…but not any more. Get’s into chasing Amens as the lyric mastery takes it up a notch. It’s a master class and you may wanna take some notes. Before you know it yer in the breakdown and it’s round two. Ya know, just in case you missed anything the first round. Some jungle warfare at it’s finest.

The Drama EP dropped today and I think you know what to do.