Taxman’s Top 5 Playaz Releases Of All Time


Taxman has just dropped his latest EP entitled ‘Amended’ on Playaz.  On this EP you’ll find a hand picked selection of his huge releases which have been pulled together and remixed, reworked and VIP’ed for your dancefloor pleasure.   So we caught up with the man himself to find out what is all time Top 5 Playaz releases are.

You can get your copy of the Amended EP HERE

  1. H.M.P Runnin’s ( Origin Unknown Remix) – Loved this tune ever since I first heard it back in ’96 when my brother brought it home from HMV. I still play it out. Riddim

2.  G Dub – Tink Ya Bad – Jake on the vocals, and Adam thieving the police siren. There’s a joke in there somewhere. G Dub Classic. Wait till you hear the remix

3. Taxman – My House – This took me fucking ages to make. Me, at possibly my most innovative.

4. DJ Hazard – Busted HQ – I remember cutting this to dubplate and then getting to play it on the Valve sound system. Savage

    5. Potential Bad Boy ( Ft. Mc Fats & Yush) – Girlz – Instant classic from man like Chris. Riddimmmmmmmm