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Tantrum Desire – Think About You [Technique Recordings]

If you don’t know about Tantrum Desire’s ability to twist and reconfigure genre limitations, you won’t be prepared for what “Think About You” has to offer. A bleeps-and-pads hands-in-the-air hardcore intro drops into some triplet-time rave workout material. We’re treated to mid-range grind resolving into luxuriant sweeping tones over a skippy 6/8 time-signature. But ravers and MCs better not get too comfortable, as a “Switch it up” sample signals a slam into 4/4 time. Then the breakdown cools things off ready to go back in with the madness once again. This is a dance floor music, but not quite like you’ve heard before.

Out on 24th March on Beatport.

Also check out the first exclusive of the forthcoming 4-track EP ‘Nationwide Rocker’ and buy it here.




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