T & Sugah Interview

T & Sugah

What started as a childhood friendship years ago has progressed into one of the most sought out up and coming drum & bass duo’s in the industry today. T & Sugah have gone from messing around with beats in the bedroom to top productions on some of the largest DNB labels in the world including RAM, Fokuz, Citrus and now Viper Recordings. We speak with the Amsterdam producers about their latest single on Viper and how bright the future looks for drum & bass’s newest heroes.

How did the two of you meet up to start working on drum & bass production?
Actually we know each other since kindergarten, but back than we had other things on our mind! Years later (at the age of 14) we started playing in a rock band together. At a certain point we discovered bass music (we must have been 18 at that time), and we were hooked right from the start!

Where did the name T & Sugah come from?
A long time ago from a galaxy far far away…… Na just kidding, it actually dates back to the time we were both still living at our parents place. My mom used to bring us tea (with sugar) while we were making our first (shitty) beats. Back then we needed a name in order to upload our first tune on soundcloud, and we decided to call ourselves T and Sugah. This kinda stuck with us for ever and ever.

Some people may not know but you were featured on June Miller’s EP on RAM. How did that come about?
Well actually Mark & Bart (June Miller) are close friends of ours. We played at quite some parties together and one time Mark invited us over to their studio to cook up something nice! We had a fun time in the studio, which eventually led to the tune “Ups & Downs”.

You just released a huge single with Viper Recordings, Canyon Drive / Too Late. Can you tell us a bit more about that?
With the first track “Canyon Dive” we tried to recreate the feeling before the you jump of a cliff and the drop resembles the feeling of freedom when you soar above a beautiful canyon. The second tune “Too Late” is about getting things right in your life, this could be anything for anyone: from relationships to career choices and so on. Sometimes you can feel like you’ve made the wrong choices at certain crossroads in your life and now it’s too late to go back and change those things. You gotta live with what you have now and make the best of it!

Are you signed to Viper exclusively now?
No actually we’re not. At the moment we want to feel the freedom you feel when you soar above a beautiful canyon.

What other labels can people find some of your music on?
Well for example at Liquicity Records, Radar Records, Celsius and Citrus Recordings.

What are you guys currently working on in the studio that we can anticipate?
At the moment we’re working on a bunch of new tunes, quite a lot actually. We’re not strictly sticking with one style of drum & bass, so you can expect a diverse set of tunes coming up.

Are you hitting up any of the festivals this summer?
Yes! We are playing at quite some nice festivals including: Liquicity Festival, Decibel Outdoor and a lot more…..

Are there any final words you’d like to say to the readers and fans out there?
Make sure to check out the Summer Slammers compilation on Viper Recordings and our new exclusive track on there!

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